How to Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat

You know that if you want to lose weight anywhere, you have to lose weight everywhere.  There’s no such thing as spot reduction.  However, if you want to trim down your inner thighs and firm them up, then this is more than possible. What you need is a concerted effort at losing weight, a consistent exercise regime and a little bit of knowledge about the best exercises you can do to sculpt your inner thighs and improve how they look.

1)     Go on diet. Not some fad diet or crash diet – go talk to a dietician or a nutritionist to find out exactly what kind of portions of which foods you should be eating.  If your goal is to get rid of inner thigh fat, then you’ll need to have the willpower to stick to a low fat, high protein eating plan.  Not just for the next six weeks, but for as long as you want to lose weight and maintain your figure.

2)     Drink water. If you can drink at least six large glasses of water a day you’ll be drinking about enough to keep your metabolism running at optimal.  You’ll have more energy, feel more alert and get more out of exercising.

3)     Go for a walk.  If you’re very unfit, walking is the best way to start getting your heart rate up, and the first step to getting rid of inner thigh fat. Try for at least 30 minutes of brisk walking a day outside or on a treadmill.  Try to either increase your distance or your time each week.

4)     Change your eating habits. Grazing, the practice of eating between five and seven smaller meals throughout the day instead of three big ones, can help to boost your metabolism, and keep your energy levels more constant.  You’ll seldom feel hungry, and will have less of a desire to snack.  Encourage your family to try this with you.

5)     Do some exercises! While it’s not exactly possible to get rid of inner thigh fat directly, toning and strengthening the muscles of your inner thighs will help to improve definition – so you’ll look thinner and more toned – and will help you to burn more fat when you do exercise.  Here are some great exercises you can do to help develop your inner thigh muscles.

Floor Slides – These are easy exercises you can do at home in your kitchen, or anywhere else that has a wooden, slippery-tiled or linoleum floor.  Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, with one foot on a folded-up hand towel.  Slide the foot on the towel out to the side while squatting down on the other leg.  This should really get your inner thighs working.  Do 15 reps with each leg, and try to add a second set after two weeks.

Swiss Ball Squeezes – Get hold of a Swiss Ball: one of those big inflatable exercise balls.  Stand with your legs apart, holding the ball between your knees and straddling it.  Squeeze your knees in towards the center of the ball and hold that position for 10 seconds.  Do sets of 10 to 15 reps, and try to work your way to above 25 reps, or two sets of 15.

Hill Sprints – This one you have to do outside, and preferably in a quiet neighbourhood.  Find a hill that’s got a decent incline.  First run up it, then run down.  Then turn to your side and run up it using side steps.  Try to bounce on your toes and get a good rhythm going.  Go down the same way.  Do it facing the other way, and then try doing it backwards!  If you do a cycle of forwards, sideways, backwards you’ll be working all of the major muscles and really helping to tone your inner thighs.

Leg Sweeps – For this one you will need a piece of equipment called a Bosu, and really good balance!  You may have seen a Bosu before: they look like half an exercise ball with a flat panel as a base.  You can pick one up at any sports department store, or usually find them lying around at a gym. Stand with one foot on the Bosu, and sweep the other leg out to the left.  Squat down, and then try to sweep your leg out as wide as you can across the front of your body without losing your balance.  Bring it back around slowly and put it down, then repeat with the other foot.  This one takes a bit of practice but it’s great for improving balance, strengthening the core and helping to get rid of inner thigh fat.

Once you’ve got the hang of those, why not try out some of the great inner thigh exercises in the video at the top of the post as well?

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