How to Have a Low Calorie Thanksgiving

With the holiday season, you can fully expect to gain weight unless you take steps not to. Even moderately eating a dozen different types of desserts is basically bad news. Yeah; you know it!

In this article, we’ll speak about how to have a low calorie Thanksgiving without having to sacrifice on any big flavor. And we’ll do this by using the power of the substitute instead of the power of just saying NO!

We’ll look at a few fat and carb-laden classic Thanksgiving dishes and suggest some healthier alternatives – use these for any meal, not only Thanksgiving, and you’ll be rewarded with fewer calories and less fat!

  • Mashed Potatoes : This dish is comprised of a lot of cream and butter for the most part. In order to make it healthy, we’re going to use a few substitutes to take out the calories without taking out the flavor. First up, instead of using any type of whole milk or heavy cream, you should simply use a low-fat milk to substitute. You’ll be surprised how little you miss that added fat. Also, use low-fat or substitute margarine instead of butter here. You will be rewarded.
    Use a salt substitute instead of salt. For what you’re missing in flavor, the salt substitute will pack a big guilt-free flavor punch and leave those potatoes tasting delicious even without all the calories.
  • Cranberry Sauce : Cranberries are great, but during Thanksgiving they need to be loaded down with sugar in order to lose that sourness. Instead of using sugar, use Splenda or another substitute and always use fresh cranberries. You’ll get the same taste without the calories from sugar.
  • Gravy : Gravy usually relies on starch to thicken it. This is adding some calories to your gravy that you really don’t need. When you’re using stock for gravy, use more stock and simmer it over medium heat until it is reduced. Not only will you have a thicker liquid without adding starch, but the flavor will be more intense due to the concentration of the flavors.
  • Pumpkin Pie : For homemade pumpkin pie, you’ll be using sweetened condensed milk and sugar to get that nice custard consistency. But you don’t need those extra calories. With these fixes, we’ll actually add more flavor and take away some of those calories.
    In your pie recipe, substitute the sugar for a substitute (like Splenda), and use low-fat milk instead of condensed milk. To make this up, use another ¼ cup of fresh pumpkin, an extra teaspoon of nutmeg and an extra egg. You’ll get more pumpkin flavor, a silky custard consistency, and a healthier pie. Also, check your grocers for a whole-wheat crust.

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