How to Lose Belly, Hip and Thigh Fat

Belly, hips and thighs are the most common problem areas. Loosing fat in those special areas is only possible if you train the whole body to minimize the amount of bodyfat. But you can train those areas with special exercises to form them and let the muscles shine through when you burned of redundant body fat.

Here are some excersices which can help you to tone your muscles:

  1. Get your diet right.
    A well balanced and healthy diet is the first step to lose weight. You can’t lose fat from one part of the body without losing weight all over, so you’re going to have to start watching your diet and making sure you keep your carbohydrate and proteins intakes at the right levels.
  2. Drink plenty of Water.
    Water is essential if you want to be healthy and lose thigh fat. You need to make sure you’re drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, when you exercise even more.
  3. Start doing some exercises.
    Here are three exercises, one for your thighs, one for your hips, one for your belly, and a video showing a great all-round exercise that works all three:

    • Thigh Bend – Kneel down on the floor, with your back straight and your thighs at a 90 degree angle to the floor. Cross your arms by putting each hand on the opposite shoulder. Without bending your waist or lifting your ankles slowly lean backward until you feel heavy strain. Don’t bounce. Pull yourself slowly up using your thighs. Do about ten of these, or try three sets of 12, 10 and then 8 if you’re stronger.
    • Leg Curls – This is a great one for working the lower abdominals, giving you more tone and definition around the belly. Lie on your back with your hands at your sides and your knees pulled up to your chest. Rotate your hips downwards, taking up as much of the strain as possible with your lower belly muscles, until your toes touch the floor (and no further). Bring them slowly back up. Try doing 10 to 15 of these, and eventually add another set. Make sure you’re not letting your back or hips do the work!
    • Hip Flexor – To do this simply go down on all fours with your waist bent at 90 degrees. With both palms flat on the ground, lift one leg out sideways so that your thigh is as close to level with the rest of your body, keeping the knee bent in the same position. Try do two sets of ten on each side to really work your hips and build some definition there.

Once you’ve got those three down, try the exercise in the video at the top of this post to tone all three, to really give you the muscles you need to lose belly, hip & thigh fat.

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