How to Lose Fat and Shape Thighs on a Budget

If you don’t have the cash to buy an expensive gym contract or go on the latest fad diet, that doesn’t mean you can’t lose fat and shape thighs.  On a budget you might need to be a little more creative in how you lose weight, but not having a lot of money is no limitation in your ability to get into the shape you want.

Here are a few helpful hits and tips on how to lose fat and shape thighs on a budget:

  1. Be happy with your shape. Most people are not destined to be stick-thin.  If you happen to have pear-shaped thighs, that’s just genetics.  The best you can do is make the most of it, get in the best shape you can and learn to dress to emphasize your better features.  This goes for everyone!  Be realistic about your weight loss goals.
  2. Take a walk. You need to be moving your lower (or entire) body as much as possible.  There is almost no limit to how much exercise you should do.  If your heart can take it, you should be out jogging, running or cycling.  It’s not possible to burn fat from a specific area of your body as you may have been led to believe, but burning lots of calories every day will help your body slowly lose weight.  If you combine this with thigh exercises you’ll soon see noticeable results.
  3. Get a bicycle. You don’t have to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new racing bike.  Get on Craigslist or and see what you can pick up for next to nothing, or even for free.  Cycling is, for most people, preferable to jogging.  You can pick up a decent bicycle and helmet for under $150 used.  You’ll have a great new hobby, and an excellent way to lose fat and shape thighs on a budget.
  4. Leg lifts and squats are two exercises that don’t cost any money and are great for toning your upper thighs.  When you tone and shape these muscles the effects of weight loss will become more pronounced, and you’ll have a better shape to show off.  Combined with dressing right for your figure you can strike a gorgeous pose, no matter what your jeans size is!
  5. Get a medium sized exercise ball. These can be picked up for a few dollars at Walmart or Target, and there are loads of thigh exercises you can do on one of them that are easy to learn.  

Take a look at this exercise video above for some easy exercises you can do to lose fat and shape thighs on a budget.

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