The Smoothie Diet

Smoothis are a good way to lose weight fast. You can use them as a meal replacement in a detox diet, or you can use them as a meal supplement. Either way you need to carefully monitor your calorie intake, and make sure that only the best ingredients go into your smoothies. A smoothie can support you with important minearls, vitamins and nutritients. Because of their filling effect you might feel less hungry and experience less food cravings.

Five ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your smoothies:

  1. Keep it natural.
    You don’t want any artificial flavourings, preservatives or added sugar in your smoothies. Avoid the powdered or pre-made smoothies if possible, and make your own using whole fruits and a food processor.  It only takes a minute, you get a better smoothie and you know exactly what’s in it.
  2. Design your own smoothies for each meal.
    You need different things for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and for snacks in-between. Consider adding things like cracked wheat or nuts to your breakfast smoothie, or maybe a scoop of whey protein powder (but watch the calorie contents) to your lunch smoothie. Make sure you’re getting a good serving of proteins and carbs along with your smoothies, as you’ll find it difficult to lose weight fast without these.
  3. Choose your poison.
    Some fruits don’t make good smoothies. From personal experience grapes and oranges, or anything with a skin that doesn’t break up easily, tends to make a smoothie gritty. You want pulpy fruits like bananas, melons and figs. Get a good chart of fruit calorie contents, and make sure you know how many calories are in each smoothie you make.
  4. Freeze some fruits to use as a base.
    Strawberries and blueberries are good for this, as they make the smoothie colder and more creamy.
  5. Watch the dairy. If you have to, make your smoothies with skim milk or fat-free yogurt.  Avoid the temptation to use ice-cream!  Milk and dairy is the only way you’ll significantly add to the calorie content of your smoothies, so keep this to a minimum if you want to use smoothies to lose weight fast and easy.

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