How to Manage Anxiety the Natural Way

Anxiety can be difficult to cope with, especially given our fast-paced modern lifestyle. When you’re always going and doing and thinking all day long, you may find your anxieties mounting until it feels you’re ready to explode with everything you’re worried about. But don’t let that be you! It’s time to learn to manage your anxiety the natural way, not with medication, but with simple adjustments to your daily life that will help to reduce anxiety:

Cut Back on Booze

Many people drink to help them cope with anxiety, thinking that the alcohol will wash it all away and leave them feeling relaxed. That is the short-term effect of alcohol, but in the long term, the effects are the opposite of what you want. Alcohol affects your serotonin and other neurotransmitter levels, so the anxiety actually comes back worse once the alcohol wears off. Many people find they feel even more anxious once their buzz is gone.

Reduce Caffeine

This may be a hard one to hear, but it’s a solid piece of advice for those with anxiety issues. Science has proven that caffeine can trigger anxiety, especially once the immediate effects wear off and you are left with a stimulated central nervous system. Caffeinated soft drinks can also be a culprit, and can be a source of a lot of your anxiety. If you want to manage anxiety the natural way, you’d do well to cut caffeine from your life until you get it under control.

Get Help from a Pro

It’s worth sitting down with a mental health professional like a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist to learn what’s causing your anxieties, how to cope with them, and even how to get them under control. Even talking to friends with anxiety can be useful, as they can teach you strategies to manage anxiety the natural way through breathing, meditation, mindfulness exercises, and more. If you’re dealing with a lot of anxiety, it’s always a good idea to talk to someone.

Write Things Down

Many people are anxious because they worry they’ll forget something important, but you can prevent that by simply writing down anything and everything you need to remember. Use Google Calendar or another reminder app on your phone to help you stay on top of your tasks. Try journaling to help you explore your unconscious thoughts, which may give you good insight into what’s triggering the anxieties. Keeping a journal is a productive, healthy way to cope with negative, stressful, and anxious feelings!

Take a Walk

Walking is an amazing way to cope with anxiety. Not only does the exercise stimulate the production of feel-good neurochemicals, but being in the fresh air and a natural area (like the forest or by a river or lake) can do wonders to shut off the anxious parts of your brain. Studies have discovered that spending time out in nature can reduce the production of stress hormones, helping you to cope with your stressful city life much more effectively.

Be Quiet and Alone

Instead of worry about what’s happening online, on social media, at the office, or even at home, take some time to unplug, switch off your phone, and just be alone. Read a book, watch a movie or TV show, or engage in your favorite hobbies. Even just taking half an hour a day to disconnect from everything around you will have some amazing benefits for reducing stress. You’ll feel so much better once you have a bit of alone time to be quiet and relax. It’s amazing for managing anxiety!

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