How to Quickly Lose Inches and Weight

If you’re one of the millions of people out there looking to lose weight in a hurry, then you know full well that any minor cutbacks or quick food changes aren’t going to get the job done.

In order to quickly lose a significant amount of weight and notice the results visibly and physically, you’ll need to make some pretty big sacrifices and actually work hard at it.

Despite what you’ve been told, diets do work. And not only that, but “quick” diets are also able to work.

The reason most people claim diets don’t work is simple: they’ve dieted, lost weight, dropped the diet, returned to their old lifestyle, and put the weight back on with pounds to spare! Then they sit around with a donut in their mouth talking about how “diets just don’t work for me.”

Don’t fall into that trap. If you want to lose 20 pounds in the next month, here’s a great way you can do it.

Lose Weight and Inches in a Month

The Routine

The routine here is going to be relatively simple in premise while maybe difficult to implement (in the sense that you will need to actually work!). We’re going to go with a low-carb plan and plenty of exercise after the first week.

For the first week, you’ll be a little weaker than usual as your body makes the switch to a different fuel source to thrive. Exercising in the early stages of this diet would exhaust you, so revel in the fact that you have a solid week of non-exercising.

The Diet

For the diet itself, we want to eliminate carbs from our diet for the first week. Calories won’t be a huge issue, but try not to exceed 2,000 a day! Since you’ll be eating more foods with higher concentrations of protein and fat, it’s easy to woof down 3,000 calories a day and basically become an unhealthy shlub.

Eat around four smaller per day, with no more than a maximum of 20 carbohydrates (any type of carbohydrates) per day. Keep at this for one solid week – 7 complete days.

The Exercise

On the 8th day, the start of week 2, we want to start exercising. Here is where things get a bit difficult. At this point, you can up your carb total to around 60g per day in order to keep up with the energy. The most important thing is that you’ll need to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, preferably an entire hour.

You can start off light if you need to, but you should be doing some serious cardio by the third week.

We’re talking about jogging and/or cycling, climbing, step aerobics, etc – basically anything that keeps your heart rate up. At the start of the third week, we want to switch our exercising: one day of cardio, one day of weight training (light or heavy), and so on.

You will need to keep this pace up until the four-week period is over. During this time, if you’re able to limit your carbs and keep up with a nicely paced exercise routine, your body should be devouring your fat stores. Not only will this help to drive your overall weight down, but it will leave a noticeable result and help you fit back into those high school jeans.

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