How to Quickly Lose Stomach Weight

It certainly doesn’t take long at all to accumulate an unsightly bulge around your midsection. One second, your clothes are fitting nicely and you’re getting woots and whistles from the peanut gallery. The next second, you’re suffering from Dunlap Disease – where your belly done lapped over your belt.

However you put on this weight is moot here. We’re going to talk about how you can quickly lose some stomach fat.

An important note before we get into the details: a lot of people are looking to specifically lose stomach fat. Well, unfortunately, weight loss doesn’t work like that. Blame god, blame evolution, blame whoever you want – the fact remains that the “targeted” weight loss is but a mere myth.

In order to lose stomach weight, we’ll have to lose overall weight. But don’t worry; that can be accomplished if you follow these steps.

Steps to Quickly Lose Stomach Weight


When we talk about “quickly,” we’re not talking about overnight. Any plan outside of dangerous surgical procedures is going to take time. To significantly feel and look as if you’ve shed that tummy weight, you should stick solidly to a plan for at least 3 weeks before expecting change. In terms of weight loss, that’s very quick.

Now, the goal here is to eliminate a few things from your diet, starting with massive calorie intake. However many calories you eat now (take a minute to do the math for an average day), cut that number down by 400. It’s simple! So, that’s the first thing we’re eliminating – excess calories.

Next up, you want to eliminate both white flour and all sugars from your diet. Natural sugars are okay; processed sugars like with candies, soda, sweetened punch and other products, etc, is not okay. And be sure to get rid of those biscuits and crackers and rolls and anything else with white flour – including white bread.


Now for the replacement ingredients, tying into step 1: Where you just removed flour and sugar from your diet, you want to replace these things with vegetables and water.

In other words, instead of that typical lunch of a submarine sandwich and a 20oz soda, you can just eat a few cold cuts with some cheese and throw in some celery sticks with peanut butter to replace those bad carbs from the sub roll. And instead of that sugary soda, simply drink water.

Tip: drinking water before your meal will help you feel fuller quicker.

Positioning and Portions

It’s also important that you practice portion control and eat at the proper times if you’re looking to lose stomach weight quickly. For starters, you shouldn’t eat as soon as you roll out of bed. Exercise a little first to get your metabolism revved up.

You also should avoid eating before bedtime. If you usually hit the sack at around 11pm, make sure you don’t eat anything after 7pm.

As far as portion size, you should be eating four smaller meals per day instead of three relatively large meals. Ironically, this will help you eat less food, as you’ll have something in your stomach for most of the day.


Exercise is always important, so be sure to stay active. But you’re also going to need ample rest when you’re on this diet. Your body performs better all around when you’re well rested, so be sure to grab at least 8 hours per night. Eating right and physical activity is usually the best cure for insomnia and the best way to get on a regular sleep pattern.

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