How to Quickly Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

You may think that you’re living an overall healthy lifestyle and watching what you eat, but it’s ridiculously easy to put on belly fat. Unfortunately, that’s one of the first places that fat settles. And with so many of today’s popular food choices packed full of bad carbs and fats, even eating fairly moderately can lead to unwanted belly fat.

When most people spot that belly fat, they’ll start in some sit-ups, crunches, and other various exercises to get rid of it to no avail. While exercising is the right approach, and what we’ll focus on in this article, simply working ab muscles isn’t enough to help you lose the fat.

Exercises that help you Lose Belly Fat

Cardio the weight away

When you think of cardio, you probably think of high impact aerobics. But don’t get it mistaken. On the mission to quickly lose belly fat, we’re just looking to make sure that you boost your metabolism by increasing your heart rate and expending plenty of energy.

Your weight loss doesn’t have to come through some crazy marathon-like workout. Although jogging and other forms of higher-impact cardio would be better for you, any activity you do to expend energy is going to be a good thing. So, start slowly with briskly walking, riding a bike, etc, and then kick it up a notch each time you start a new workout.

Strength training tightens and burns fat

You might be thinking that this seems a bit odd – losing belly fat without necessarily targeting the belly. Well, the goal here is to work to burn fat in general. Your belly should be one of the first places you notice the difference, so we want to mix in some strength training with our cardio routine every three days or so (or more frequently if you can handle it), through bench-pressing, arm curls, leg lifts, and other strength-focused exercises.

Pilates is the best of both worlds

Pilates is like the all-around way to get a sleeker, sexier body. Combined with the cardio and strength training, a half hour of Pilates every other day is going to help strengthen and tone those muscles, plus it will keep your metabolism running strong so that you can start to burn more fat. By the time you lose that belly fat, you’ll notice that you have great muscle tone underneath.

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