How to Shed Holiday Weight

Unfortunately, not all of us pay attention to what we’re eating around the holidays. This leads to a few extra and unsightly pounds that we’re all too eager to get rid of.

With so many delicious dishes around this time of year, it’s really easy to eat too much of the wrong types of foods and to put the weight on. And knowing how to shed holiday weight is a skill that will come in handy in order to get the balance back in your diet.

In this article, we’ll discuss a three-step plan that will help you shed that holiday weight. To some people, it can be a little drastic. But for anyone willing to try it, know that it’s a working formula that’s designed to be used on a temporary basis to help you lose that holiday weight.

How to Shed Holiday Weight in Three Easy Steps

Step One: Fast

This is a 10-day plan, and the first step is to fast. You’ll want to avoid eating anything for three complete days and nights. This means even those little snacks that you think won’t hurt should go out of the window! Now, after the three days are up, you can then begin a calorie-specific diet of 1,400 calories per day, with no more than 120g of carbohydrates per day for the remaining 7 days.

Step Two: Stay Hydrated

It’s important to always drink plenty of water here, especially for the first three days. You should carry a water bottle around with you and always refill it when it’s empty. Staying properly hydrated will help you to burn calories and to lose fat. Ample water will also help you get through the initial three-day period.

Step Three: Exercise

Exercising is another essential step here. You’ll want to exercise at least 40 minutes per day, and it works best if you break it down into two 20-minute cardio sessions, perhaps one in the morning and one around the evening. The goal: we’re looking to boost the body’s metabolism and to keep that thermogenic process turned up so that we can burn off all that holiday fat in a hurry.

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