How to Streamline Your Workout

Have you ever analyzed your workout for efficiency? You’d be surprised to find that you probably waste A LOT more time than you realize. There are so many time-wasters that can eat away at your gym time, so it’s important that you eliminate anything that would prevent you from getting a solid, continuous workout. Here is how to streamline your workout the easy way:

Work with a buddy

That way, one of you can be setting up the next exercise while the other does their set. You spend a lot of time waiting for machines, racking weights, and preparing the equipment for each exercise. But if you work out with a buddy, you’ll be able to switch off setting up each exercise in the short break you take between sets.

Turn off your phone

Unless you absolutely must stay in contact with home or the office, try turning off your phone while at the gym. Buy an MP3 player so you can listen to music without getting distracted. You have no reason to text, surf the internet, or browse Facebook while training. In fact, it’s only going to reduce the quality of your workout! Turn off your phone and hit those weights like a champ.

Count every second

This refers specifically to the seconds between each set. You should have a timer that controls the amount of time that you rest after every set. If you rest for more than 30 seconds, your heart rate will drop and you will stop burning calories. Make sure to set a stopwatch the second you finish your set, and keep a close eye on it to know when to move on to the next. With 30 seconds of rest between sets, you’ll get a great workout, keep your heart rate up, and finish in far less time.

Shut up

You’re not at the gym to make friends. Yes, it’s nice to have people to talk to, but you should respect both of your time enough that you only talk during your break. Though the gym can be a great social place, those who are serious about their fitness will avoid spending too much time talking. Keep your conversations to a minimum as you work out. You can always talk later, once you’ve finished training hard.

Keep your eyes in your head

You’d be amazed by how much time you can waste staring at or “ogling” your fellow gymgoers. It’s tough to avoid gaping at beautiful women or fit men, but that’s just going to waste your time. If you want to “take in the scenery”, do it while you lift. You may not have as much time to gawk, but that’s for the best. No one likes a creep who stares, so keep your eyes focused on the work at hand–with only the occasional interested glance around.

Plan your workouts

How much time do you waste thinking about what to do next? If you’re anything like the average person, you spend a lot more time than you probably realize. This is why it’s so important to hit the gym with a workout plan in mind. Get in there, get through the sets like a champ, and get out. No waiting, no hesitation.

Do all the “extras” after

Do you really need to weigh yourself between sets? How much time are you going to waste checking yourself out in the mirror? Do you really need water, or is that just a way to put off work for another few seconds? Do all of these things after you finish the workout, and you’ll waste less time.


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