How to Take Care of Your Mental Health During Quarantine

So many resources these days are focused on our physical health, how we can stay fit, active, and protected against disease during our current lockdown. But what about our mental health during quarantine? Our minds play an equally important role in our overall health, so we should be taking care of them as much as we take care of our bodies. Here are some things you can to do take care of your mental health now:

Reward Yourself

Now that you’re stuck at home ALL the time, it can be tough to find things to be happy about. Before, you were able to go out, socialize with friends, engage in fun activities, and actually do things. Now it feels like every day is an endless blur of sameness. Time to reward yourself to bring in a bit of extra happy! Think about something you’ve wanted to do or try, and do/try it. There’s no reason to deprive yourself—in fact, with the world locked down, now is the time for us to reward ourselves with those things that will brighten our days.

Do More of What You Enjoy

Right now, we’ve all got a bit more time on our hands, and that’s a good thing. Instead of feeling the pressure to work more, study more, or “do” more, why not enjoy more? Find the things you enjoy doing, and spend a bit more time doing them guilt-free. If that means playing that video game you’ve been slowly working through or watching that TV show you’ve intended to get to for months, now’s the time. If that means video-chatting with family or spending a bit more time exercising, do that. Do more of what you enjoy, and it will be a great way to take care of your mental health during quarantine.

Focus on the Good

There’s a lot going on around us, a lot of scary things that we have no control over. But there’s also a lot of GOOD things, positive things, things that will improve our lives if we pay attention to them. Instead of focusing on all the worrisome, frightening, and stressful things, make it a point to seek out the positive in your life and focus on them. They can be big things or small things, things that change your life or just put a smile on your face. Whatever they are, focus on them, and use them to push aside your worry, fear, or anxiety.

Channel Your Energy Positively

You might have a lot of social energy that you can’t expend because you’re trapped inside the house. Well, why not turn it into creative energy, which you can then spend on doing something new and creative? You’re not going to master any creative activity overnight—or, honestly speaking, during the lockdown—but you can make some serious progress honing your skills. Whatever creative pursuits you’ve been wanting to do for a while, now’s the time. You don’t have to be good at it, but it can be an outlet for all of your pent-up energy.

Feel Your Feelings

Yes, now is a worrisome time. It’s okay to worry—just don’t let it consume you completely. It’s okay to feel stressed—just don’t let that stress ruin your day or night. It’s okay to feel lonely or isolated—a lot of people around the world do, too. Trying to stop yourself from feeling your feelings is just going to make things worse. Give yourself permission to feel, but don’t wallow in those feelings. Feel what you need to, process the emotions, and move on to other and better things.

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