Stop Gaining Weight over Christmas

We all want to have a holly, jolly Christmas, sure. But we’d all love to celebrate the New Year’s without having to make a resolution to drop those 10 pounds we gained over the month of December!

Not only do traditional Christmas meals help to pack on the pounds, but for most of us the entire month is filled to the rim with nothing but sugary sweets and fattening drinks. If you want to stop getting fat over Christmas, then it’s time to exercise some control.

You can simply avoid a few common Christmas foods and keep the weight off.

  • Eggnog makes you fat! This is a very traditional drink, and most people don’t realize how fattening it is due to the punch it packs. But even “light” eggnog can have around 20g of sugar per serving, and like those potato chips – it’s hard to stop at just one. Lots of this is bound to lead to you having to lose weight after the holidays.
  • Alcohol :Alcohol in general will have a weird affect on your body. You’ll want to keep drinking it. And with all the sugar in the eggnog, you’ll actually be craving more sugar. Eggnog will lead to more eggnog, and more eggnog will lead to other sugary treats. So just avoid this drink altogether.
  • Cranberry Sauce can make you fat! If you want to stop getting fat over Christmas, this cranberry sauce is another food you should avoid. Because of its bitter flavor, many people don’t realize just how much sugar is in this sauce, but it’s absolutely loaded down with sugars.
  • Margarine/Butter definitely makes you fat! Butter is loaded down with fat and margarine is loaded down with hydrogenated oils. It’s going to be hard to avoid these, but it’s a must if you want to stop getting fat over Christmas. If you do happen to eat a dessert or something with margarine or butter, always eat in moderation.
  • Dried Fruits make you fat! Dried fruits might seem like they’re healthier for you than refined sugar, and that’s true enough to an extent, but when it comes to adding on the fat, dried fruits pack a mighty punch. These little gems have plenty of sugar in there, all concentrated and ready to get transported to fat storage after consumption. The problem with dried fruit is that you’ll eat far too much of it

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