5 Tips to Not Be Hungry All The Time

Learning to control hunger pains may be necessary in order to lose weight consistently.  Hunger is our body’s natural way of telling us we need energy and nutrients.  Hunger pains can cause an overwhelming desire for food but it cannot give us any indication of the amount of energy consumed.  With so many high calorie food products on the market, the result is we often consume more energy than required.

How do we control hunger and appetite?

Research into how to control hunger pains is ongoing, and proves it is a complex process involving a host of physiological and psychological factors. In relation to physiological factors, evidence suggests a series of chemical messages are sent to the appetite centre in the brain. These relay information about the level of body fat stores, blood glucose levels and the presence of food in the stomach.

The messages are analyzed to assess current energy levels then to determine how much or how little food needs to be eaten.

Ways to reduce appetite and control hunger:

  1. Eat protein at each meal.  Protein acts as an appetite suppressant to help control hunger pains.
  2. Don’t eat simple sugar foods alone, ensure they are mixed with a meal.  That doesn’t mean eating a donut with almonds!
  3. Eat light meals more frequently will help reduce the intensity of hunger pains.
  4. At each meal consume high fiber foods foods first to fill stomach and speed satiety.
  5. Any form of exercise regulates appetite to control hunger and food intake.  This does not mean to exercise when you are hungry.

Being hungry is not a bad thing; it’s just your body’s way of telling you you need food or water.  But if you are constantly hungry and feeling fatigue, take a close look at your diet and ensure you are getting enough calories to last throughout the day.  Speak to a doctor or nutritionist if you continuously eat but always feel hungry, it could be a sign of a serious problem.

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