Is it Time to Find a New Gym?

The gym is so much more than just a place to lift weights and get fit—it can also be a refuge, a place you escape to at the end of a long work day to work out your stress and get in your daily workout for the sake of your mind and body both. But sometimes your gym starts to decline, and you find it’s just not worth the time or effort to keep going. Here are a few signs that it may be time to find a new gym:

Commute is Too Long

The best place to find a gym is either right near work, right near home, or somewhere in between. If you’re driving half an hour out of your way just to get to work out, it means you’re wasting a lot of time every week adding more driving to your days. Granted, it may be worth it if you’re going to a specialized gym—the only one of its kind in your city. But if you’re hitting a regular gym, you may want to find a new gym closer to your daily routes.

Prices are Too High

There’s no getting around the often pricey gym membership fees, especially if you want a gym that offers quality equipment, good classes, and professional trainers. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for ANYTHING. Shop around to find a new gym that offers everything you need a price you can be okay with.

Broken Equipment

It’s normal for gym equipment to break from regular use. Cardio machines, in particular, have a tendency to break down after hundreds of people use them every year. Even weight benches, weight machines, Yoga mats, exercise balls, and other equipment can start to look ragged and ratty after a while. But a good gym will replace broken and damaged equipment, and they’ll try to keep all of the workout machines and gear in good condition. If the gym is filled with equipment that is out of order or in need of repairs, it may be a sign that it’s time to move gyms.

Iffy Classes

You may have joined the gym for a certain class, only to find that your instructor moved on to a new gym after a few months. This is totally normal, but it’s important that you’re happy with the classes you’re paying good money to take. If the new instructors just aren’t up to snuff or there are no replacement instructors to fill in, you may end up paying for less-than-good quality service.

Unprofessional and Untrained Trainers

Not everyone who goes to the gym is going to be courteous and polite, but at the very least the trainers should be! And they should be familiar with every piece of equipment, a wide variety of moves and exercises, and, most important of all, safe and healthy workout practice. If your trainers aren’t professional and lack training and experience, it’s a pretty good sign that you need to find a place better-suited to your needs.

You Stopped Seeing Results

This isn’t always the gym’s fault, let’s be clear! You may find that you’re no longer pushing as hard or investing the same mental and physical energy in your work. This could be very likely due to boredom or lack of motivation, something that happens when you do the same workout day after day, week after week, month after month. Changing up gyms will give you a chance to work with new trainers, meet new gym buddies, and try new fitness programs. Ultimately, change may be all you need to combat demotivation and boredom.

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