Junk Food for Japan

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan have left thousands dead with numbers sure to increase.

At Weight Loss for All we are supporting a Junk Food for Japan. No, please don’t send junk food to Japan. Rather, instead of eating that candy bar or grande moccachino or a bag of chips, save that money and donate.

We created a fundraiser where you can directly donate through FirstGiving.com and the money will go straight to Doctors without Borders.

Donate Now to Doctors without Borders

Why MSF?
Doctors without Borders does not earmark their funds to a specific cause. This way if more money is required, they can pull funds from their coffers without problems. If the money was earmarked for a particular disaster and money was not spent, it may not be reallocated.

From now until April 1st, give $1, give $5, give something to help Medécins sans Frontières do their job by providing immediate medical assistance to people. Whatever donation you make, it will be appreciated.

With imminent threat of a nuclear disaster on top of a devastating earthquake and tsunami, it is critical to get resources to where people are in dire need. The death toll is expected to increase rapidly and relief organizations are mobilizing to support the hundreds of thousands of displaced citizens along with medical care and shelter.

How You can Help:
Bloggers, spread the word. Use the graphic above to put on your blog and direct visitors to this page. If you own a website or blog write about how you will give up junk food to help Japan.

Please let us know of your participation (send us your link and blog name to: info at weightlossforall dot com) and we will mention you.

Don’t blog? Tweet, share on Facebook, IRL, or wherever your friends are.

Donate Now to Doctors without Borders

Link to this page: http://www.weightlossforall.com/japan

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