Jillian Michaels Diet: The Good and the Bad

Jillian Michaels has built a reputation as America’s toughest trainer after whipping yet another group of overweight Americans into shape on The Biggest Loser.  She’s leveraged her success on the show by launching her own diet and fitness program that tailors its recommendations to your body type specifically.

Jillian has spawned a massive collection of fitness and weight loss products in an incredibly short space of time.  At first glance it looks like someone doing their best to cash in on some TV fame, but her program is popular with dieters and doctors alike, and members claim that they’re losing the pounds, and keeping them off!

The Basics

Jillian isn’t just selling a diet program or an exercise machine or some motivational videos.  With the Jillian Michaels program you get a complete nutrition guide, an exercise program, and lots of helpful tips and advice on how to make small but important lifestyle changes that will have you prioritising weight loss, exercise and fitness instead of just trying to achieve them in the same way that you always have.

When you sign up to Jillian’s program you complete a small quiz, which is designed to help her system figure out which body type you are. It will then provide a comprehensive meal plan, which is easy to follow and consists of foods that are neither expensive nor hard to find.  It also provides an exercise plan that is pitched at your fitness levels, and changes from week to week depending on your progress.

In addition to the diet and exercise plan you also have access to all of Jillian’s materials on making positive and lasting changes to your lifestyle which will help you to maintain your weight and your new shape.

What We Like

The Jillian Michaels diet is specifically aimed at those who have all round bad habits when it comes to eating and exercising, and aims to tackle those systemic problems rather than give you another list of exercises to start doing and a list of foods to stop eating.

The Jillian Michaels diet is tailored to your specific body type by means of a simple quiz, and the diet and exercise plan changes every week to make sure that your calorie intake and exercise schedule keeps up with your weight loss.  The system monitors your progress and makes adjustments automatically, so you have a lot of confidence that someone, somewhere, is tending the light at the end of the tunnel.

What We Don’t Like

Unfortunately, there is no half-way with the Jillian Michaels diet.  You can’t just download a meal plan and a chart of how many sit-ups to do and have at it – you have to fully buy into the meal plan, diet plan and the lifestyle changes Jillian advocates in order to see real results.  However, if generic diet plans and exercise schedules haven’t worked for you before, then maybe this is exactly the kind of all-in system you need.

It also costs money to join – around $4 a week. You can either look at this and say that there are plenty of diets out there that don’t cost you anything just to find out what they’re about.  On the other hand what you get for the cost of a latte a week is constant progress monitoring, and a tailored diet and exercise plan.  If you were to go to a nutritionist and a personal trainer for the same things it would cost you hundreds of dollars a month, so it might not be such a bad deal.

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