Should I jog to lose weight? how long jogging



Should I jog in order to lose weight?

How many minutes should I be jogging for?

This is a difficult question to answer as it will depend on the individual and their present fitness level, body weight, joint health, calorie reduction levels, etc. There are numerous variables that need to be taken into account. However, we believe you should always judge your ability to jog before starting.


Some tips for jogging.

  • Try to jog on grass rather than concrete paths. Grass will give a softer impact and may help reduce the potential for injury. Although, BE AWARE that jogging on grass could result in a minor accident if your foot lands awkwardly on a lump, small hole, mud patches or debris from trees, so you may need to find a flat field to jog on as well as keep aware of the terrain ahead!

  • Do not jog on consecutive days. You need to give the joints and muscles plenty of time to recover fully. So jogging every day is NOT recommended, it would be better to jog on alternate days, and preferably jog only twice each week or less. If you need to burn extra calories you could always complete a different exercise that doesn’t strain the joints as much, rowing or swimming are good examples.

  • Always wear the correct footwear when jogging. Some trainers are better suited for running than others. Make sure you pick the best footwear designed for running.

  • Preferably jog on a treadmill with a training partner nearby. Treadmills are better suited for running as you can do the session indoors (or at gym) and away from pollution (in cities), dangers on the roads, and danger of uneven grounds, as well as other potential problems. A training partner will help encourage you and also be there if anything bad does happen.

  • Always warm up thoroughly before a jogging session!


You must seek approval from your doctor before starting any new diet. Please read our Terms !



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