Keep Your Energy Levels Stable

Millions of people from around the globe suffer from fatigue. Whether it’s recurring or only occasional, low energy levels can have dire consequences. Your work may suffer, your love life could take a brutal hit, and being in a state of tiredness can make you feel lackluster and even bring about depression.

Millions also suffer from the proverbial mid-morning cravings and other urges for sugary snacks or for food between meal times. Believe it or not, these two things tie in together more than you’d think. Both fatigue and cravings can possibly have the same source – your diet.

First up, let’s talk about those dreadful low energy levels and see if we can get you feeling perky and punctual again.

Speaking about energy, your body produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and this is what’s known as human energy. This is a process, more or less, which takes place in the body after eating vegetables or meat. Junk food, made primarily of processed sugars, while giving some the proverbial sugar-rush, doesn’t create ATP and thus doesn’t provide energy.

Keeping your energy levels up require that you transform your diet. You want to do away with processed sugars – soda, candy, or any kind of junk, and even those energy drinks sold loaded down with caffeine.

Complex carbohydrates and meats with fatty acids and B vitamins give you natural energy and allow your body to produce it on its own. Whereas, with caffeine and processed sugars and other supplements, your body is feeling some other affect and will inevitably crash, leaving you worse off than before.

A balanced diet bereft of processed sugars and other stimulants allows your body to naturally produce the energy. Coupled with a good night’s sleep and the right exercise, a well balanced breakfast can keep anyone going from 7am until it’s time for dinner.

If you’re feeling tired throughout the day, it’s important that you avoid those “pick me ups” around. Try to wean yourself off of coffee, and stay away from sugars. A granola bar is a lot healthier for your weight and well being in this situation.

For those cravings you experience in general, this is also due to your diet. If you find yourself craving something sweet, then it’s your body’s way of saying that you’ve been eating too many sweets. You’re basically having sugar withdrawals, and they can be quelled with unprocessed carbohydrates – think fruits and nuts.

For most of us, the cravings aren’t necessarily going to stop. If you’re eating in moderation—small portions—then you probably will want a bite to eat after breakfast and before lunch. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with a snack, but keep it on the healthy side, void of processed sugars.

Once your body gets used to this, you’ll experience fewer cravings and have all the energy you need to get through your day.

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