Tips on Changing Your Lifestyle

Healthy weight loss should be a gradual and steady process, we simply cannot create a lean and toned body within weeks, it does/will take time. However to speed it up a little faster we must take hold of our lifestyle and change it for the best. We need to boost our potential/hidden physique by hitting it from every angle.

There should really be no diet, its really a change in dietary intake and its not simply just a case of a better consumption of healthy foods. We also need to create activity boosts, develop higher degree of motivation and most importantly try to find an activity that we really like to do. Below are 15 tips to help change lifestyle in a more positive way.

Stick to many of your own food preferences but substitute them for the lower calorie varieties. This way it will seem like less of a diet and therefore more chance you’ll stick to it. Remember lifestyle change indicates a change for life!

15 tips how to change your lifestyle to control your weight

  1. Keep a food diary!

    Write down when, what and how much you eat. In this manner you get an overview about your daily calory intake. You can find out which foods could be cut down, or replaced by healthier foods.

  2. Eat small portions!

    Cut down your portion sizes and eat regular. It is better to eat 5 – 6 small meals during the day in stead of 3 really big ones

  3. Raise your activity levels!

    It is important to use more energy than you ingest. Only with a negative energy balance are you able to lose weight.

    • Cover short distances with a walk or a tour with your bike.
    • Take the stairs instead of an elevator.
    • Walk the last two or three busstations instead of going the whole way by public transport.
  4. Do sports!

    Grap your friend and sign up at your local gym. Many fitness studios offer varied classes like Yoga, Dancing or Weight Training. A personal trainer can help you to put together a workout plan. When you are untrained you could start with swimming or power walking, so that your body get’s used to the new exercise.

  5. Take healthy snacks with you!

    Whenever you feel a bit hungry or appetite eat a pice of fruit or vegetable. They are low in calories but high in fiber so they fill your stomache and sate you.

  6. Drink a lot!

    But no sweetened juices or coffee. The best is you drink a lot of water or unsweetened herbal teas. This will keep your body hydrated, your stomache filled and you will feel more energetic.

  7. Eat calcium rich foods!

    Studies have been shown that daily diets with a high calcium content help losing weight. Calcium rich foods can raise your metabolism, reduce your hunger and prevent fat storage.

  8. Sleep!

    The quality of your sleep is important for your hormonal balance regarding your appetite. Only if you get enough sleep your leptin and ghrelin hormone level is high enough to make you satisfied after a small portion of food.

  9. Don’t rush!

    Weight loss will not happen over night. It needs time. If you take one step after the other, adjust your eating habits and raise your activity levels you will see the first positive changes after a few weeks. Never lose more than 1 or 2 pounds per week.

  10. Don’t forbid yourself anything!

    If you don’t allow yourself a piece of your favorit food every now your body will crave for them even more. Try to find a good food balance and a small piece of chocolate once in a while won’t hurt.

  11. Reduce your calorie intake slowly!

    Let your body get used to a lower calorie intake by cutting down calories gradually. Never cut out to many calories of your diet. This will signalise your body “hard times” and makes your body switch into a starvation mode. This will slow down the weight loss and could stop it completely.

  12. Set goals!

    Intermediate goals will help you on your way reaching your desired weight. Reward yourself for example with a massage at the spa when you have lost the first 10 pounds. This will motivate you and you keep going to reach your ideal body shape.

  13. Tell your family and friends!

    The more people know about your weight loss, the more will support you. There will come times you feel unmotivated and willing to give up. The support from your family and friends will bring you back on track and help you to reach your weight loss goal.

  14. Start cooking!

    Prepare healthy meals at home and take them on the next day to work. You will save money, escape hidden calories in processed or fast food and keep in this way track of your calorie intake.

  15. Don’t weigh yourself daily!

    You might gain or lose water just by the liquid amount you ingest every day. Determine one day per week when you go on your scale. In the morning is your weight ist most realistic. Write down your weight and compare it to the last week.

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