How to stop or limit gaining weight gains

Sometimes we gain weight without really knowing it. We slide into bad habits and over time, the weight slowly adds up and before we know it, our clothes are tight and we feel uncomfortable all the time.

Another problem is that once the weight is on, it can be difficult to get it off. The best way to combat that is to try and not put the weight on in the first place. To do that, you should follow these ten tips.

1. Control your portion size

It can be very easy to slip into the habit of eating larger portions. One sandwich at lunch becomes two, and before you know it – you’re putting on too much weight. Try eating a little bit less at every meal, and see how you go.

2. Don’t eat until you’re stuffed

Your body doesn’t need so much food that you should feel uncomfortably full after each meal. If you eat until you are satisfied and then leave the rest, you will find yourself losing weight easily.

3. Drink more water

Drinking water is not only good for your body and your health; it also tricks your stomach into thinking that it is full. This means you will eat less.

4. Exercise more

This may seem like a fairly obvious tip. But just taking the stairs instead of the lift, or parking further away can make a huge difference.

5. Look at the ratio of foods you eat

The majority of your plate should be made up of fruits and vegetables, twenty percent protein and ten percent or less – fats. Get the ratios right and you’ll see great results.

6. Get a good night’s sleep

Many professional athletes ensure that they sleep up to 12 hours a night. This is not only so their bodies can recuperate, but also so that they can be mentally aware. Studies have shown that sleeping the correct amount per night can have a huge influence on weight loss.

7. Eat more whole grain foods

Eating carbohydrates that cause your blood sugar to spike – like normal pasta, white bread and potatoes can lead to troughs of blood sugar levels. These troughs cause you to become hungry and seek out other foods. Eating wholegrain breads and pastas can make you feel fuller for longer.

8. Go easy on the condiments

While condiments and sauces are what make food taste good – they often pack in the highest amounts of calories. Try for low fat options.

9. Bake, don’t fry

It’s a simple one, and maybe obvious. But if you avoid fried foods and aimed for baked foods, you will come out better for it.

10. Use your mind

The human mind is a powerful machine and with the right thinking and the right attitude anything is possible. If you believe that you can lose weight and change your lifestyle for the better, you will be able to do it.

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