The Lip Gloss Diet: Do You Love Your Gloss?

This article is part of our Stupid Diet Series, therefore we do not recommend this diet.

Before you start to worry, this is not a diet that prescribes sucking down vials of lip gloss instead of food. That will probably kill you. No, the lip gloss diet is simply a lip gloss product that claims to reduce appetite and prevent you from over eating allowing you to lose weight.

It’s become so popular that it’s been picked up by celebrities and millions of young women around the world. The lip gloss itself is only marginally more expensive than other lip gloss products and – surprise, surprise – it works as a lip gloss as well.

The Idea

In case the basic premise hasn’t become obvious, you wear lip gloss that stops you from wanting to eat. There are now a number of different products on the market that all claim to do the same thing, but some supposedly work better than others.

The original, and probably most widely used, is simply called the Lip Gloss Diet lip gloss, which came with the slogan: ‘Huge Lips, Skinny Hips’. It contains something called Hoodia, which has been used for years as a natural appetite suppressant. It works on the brain in the same way as glucose – by convincing your brain that you’ve just eaten at least a snack, and that you don’t need anything else to eat for a while.

One would imagine that it would work great at cocktail parties when you’re trying to avoid trays of nibbles, and less well when you’re home alone trying to ignore a cookie jar.

What’s In It?

Since the Lip Gloss Diet craze caught on, scientists and cosmetics companies have been wracking their brains to come up with any chemical they can find that is both safe to wear on your lips, and curbs appetite by being ingested in trace amounts.

Hoodia, as mentioned above, is the prime candidate for this. Studies show that it is harmless, and relatively effective at reducing appetite. Another possible ingredient is something called SuperCitramax, which was patented for use in Fuze Slenderize lip gloss. There is less information available about this weight loss product, but one would imagine that anything you put on your lips to lose weight is going to have some kind of weird side effects.

Who’s On It?

Kate Moss was famously on the Lip Gloss Diet, and Fuze Slenderize even has a weight loss lip gloss named after her – Worship Kate. Aside from this it’s been used intermittently by models, socialites and actresses, as well as millions of young women all over the world.

Since detailed studies into its effectiveness have never really been conducted, it’s most likely a case of trying it and figuring out whether or not it works for you. If you are a disciplined dieter it might make a positive addition to a good diet. If you’re not, you’re just going to eat everything anyway.

Why You Might Want to Avoid It

There’s no reason, really, except the fear that they will discover whatever it is that they put into weight loss lip gloss gives you cancer or makes your kidneys explode at some point in the future.

Reported side effects have been minimal, with about as many people reporting allergic reactions as you get whenever a new moisturiser is introduced. Simple advice is don’t put it on for the first time when you’re getting ready for a big night out, in case it makes you look like you’ve just come from a bad Botox session.

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