Use Hypnotherapy to Lose Weight

Losing weight requires changes in activity levels and some kind of dietary modification. A great aid in helping us shed those pounds is hypnotherapy.

Some people are sceptical about the effects of hypnosis but in fact, it has been estimated that over 90% of people can be hypnotized. Also we’ve all experienced some form of hypnosis almost every day. For example, when watching a movie we’re actually in a trance as we become engrossed in the story, it seems so real that we may even jump during the scariest scene. We all know it’s a film yet, we react as though it’s real. We feel the emotions we would normally feel if it really did happen to us.

Hypnotherapy can have some great effects on helping overcome problems. Some people use it to stop smoking, eliminate fears, phobias or to build confidence. For the dieter, hypnosis may not help someone to lose weight just by changing thought patterns, that’s like swallowing a pill and waking up 30 pounds lighter. However, what hypnosis may do is to help the dieter improve in other areas that have an indirect effect on weight control, hypnotherapy may help:

  • Cut out emotional eating
  • Control appetite easier
  • Stop cravings for sweet or junk foods
  • Change thoughts on how one feels about food
  • Increase motivation to exercise
  • Build a belief that one can achieve weight control
  • Believe health foods taste just as good or better than junk food
  • Build confidence to join local gym

Hypnotherapy has potential to help some people lose weight, especially those who have been unsuccessful with many other dieting programs. Self hypnosis is an effective technique used by some top athletes to help them achieve higher levels of physical fitness. Self hypnosis may also be a great tool for dieters struggling with losing weight.

Personal therapy may be a little costly but now its possible to buy tapes or videos to listen to in the comfort of your own home. There’s also a new e-book out that shows people how to learn self-hypnosis.

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