Tips To Fast Weight Loss

So this morning you ambitiously tried on your skinny jeans, the ones from a few years back. They didn’t even zip up. And now you’re scheming your next dietary adventure hoping to shed a few pounds.

It seems easy enough, cut back the calories and take the stairs instead of the elevator. But you tried that last time and the low-carb diet and the low-fat diet and that one diet where you drank that weird smoothie for all three meals. They didn’t work. But you’re in luck, we’ve compiled a list of Six Trusted Diet Tricks and Tips that will help you lose weight fast and let you keep those skinny jeans.

Tip Number One: Don’t be drastic when it comes to cutting calories

A lot of dieters will immediately start a low calorie diet, which can result in energy loss and eventually a loss of motivation. Believe it or not, our body does need calories as they help keep us energized. If you immediately start your diet by cutting your calorie intake in half you’ll feel less energetic at the end of the day and might be more susceptible to grabbing a high sugar (ie: high caloric) snack. Also, a lot of low calorie diets are boring. You’ll quickly run out of steam if you’re bored with your meals.

Instead, reduce your initial calorie intake by about 250-500 per day or try replacing some of your favorite high calorie foods with lower calorie options, if you’re not completely limiting yourself in your calorie intake you’ll enjoy your diet a lot more.

Tip Number Two: Protein!

Getting enough protein in your diet is absolutely vital. Protein is one of the main contributors to a healthy metabolism and your metabolism helps your burn calories. Protein is so important in the body that if you don’t have the required amount of daily protein your diet, your body will take protein from your muscles in order to build the enzymes that help your metabolism. So protein means a better metabolism which means more calories burned! Protein also means stronger and better muscles (hello beach body!)

Tip Number Three: Muscle Mass

One of the reasons we stress Tips One and Two is because by drastically cutting calories you’ll lose weight fast but that weight loss is not in fat. It’s in protein. Past studies have indicated that when you lose weight at a rapid rate about 65% of the weight lost is in your muscles and only 35% is from fat. So in order to lose more fat it’s important to retain muscle mass.
A great way to retain muscle mass is by exercising, especially weight training. If you’re new to exercising you can go to your local sports store and buy a pair of 10lb hand or ankle weights. You can use the ankle weights on a daily walk and the lift the hand weights during down time. Increase your weights as you see fit and you’ll soon notice improvements in your muscle tone.

Tip Number Four: Exercise

You knew we’d say it, but it’s just so important! Exercising helps to increase your metabolism, which helps burn calories.
If you’re an active woman between 19-30 you burn about 2,400 calories a day whereas if you’re mainly sedentary you’re only burning 2,000.
Active men ages 19-30 burn about 3,000 calories and sedentary men burn about 2,400 calories.
And exercise is great for your body, your muscles, your organs, and you’re general well being.

Tip Number Five: You are what you eat!

Try to increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, which are high in nutrients and can help you feel better and more energized.  Fruits and vegetables are often low in calories so they’re great substitutions to higher calorie foods. Add some spinach to your dinner or an apple as a snack and you’ll feel full faster which will help with portion control.

Tip Number Six: Skip the salt

A diet high in sodium can cause bloating and increased water retention. This can make you look bigger than you actually are, so skip the salt and you’ll lose the water weight.

These Six Tips may seem easier said than done, but losing weight isn’t and shouldn’t be easy. It’s all about a lifestyle change, which means you’ll be able to keep the pounds off for good. But if you’re wondering how to incorporate these Six Tips into your daily life we’ve made a simple guideline with a few suggestions on how to get started.

  • Switch sodas for water or flavored water and you’ll immediately cut out a lot of unnecessary daily calories.
  • Instead of a sugary muffin for breakfast try a piece of whole-wheat toast with peanut butter, peanut butter is a great source of protein!
  • Use light weight hand weights during office breaks. Some are tiny and can be discreet to avoid confused, office stares.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator; if you walk up and down one flight of stairs for 10 minutes you burn 100 calories
  • Instead of candy or chips as an afternoon snack opt for an apple or orange (you’ll save about 200 calories!)
  • Potato chips contain 149 mg of sodium so if your craving salt, opt for some lightly salted tomato slices.

These tips to lose weight fast are not only about quickly shedding the pounds but also about a lifestyle change, which will mean the pounds will stay off. Try to incorporate all Six Tips into your newest diet regime, remember eating healthy and exercising will be your biggest contributors in losing weight fast.
Even if you just start with a 30-minute walk a day your body will already start to feel the benefits. The same goes for eating well, most foods with a high calorie content also have a high fat content so if you’re trying to lose weight, run from those foods that are (so deliciously) dripping in grease. Instead plan nutritious meals with both low and moderate calories- you won’t burn out as fast and it’ll allow you to be free in your meal choices and creative in the kitchen.

Your skinny jeans are waiting for you.

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