Low Calorie Condiments – – What’s In Your Sandwich?

There is nothing like a good sandwich to help fill you up, and it’s just a magical food that never tastes the same no matter how many times you make it. You can try and try to build two sandwiches exactly the same, but it never happens. It’s what makes sandwiches so darn awesome!

Have you ever stopped and considered what’s in the sandwich? You count the calories in the ham, cheese, lettuce, and bread, but do you count the calories of mayonnaise, ketchup, BBQ sauce, or mustard? If you want to be sure your sandwich isn’t adding too many calories to your diet, make sure you’re adding the right condiments.

The Good

  • Hummus — Few people think of adding hummus to their sandwich, but it’s a great condiment. It comes out almost like a garlic-y mayonnaise, but it adds a lot of body to your sandwiches. It’s low in fat and loaded with good calories, so it’s an awesome condiment to add.
  • Mustard — Mustard is very low in calories, but you’ll find that it packs a nice punch. If you get hot mustard, there’s a bit of fat-burning capsaicin in it. Honey mustard has a few more calories – and carbs – but it’s still lower in fat and calories than the other sauces around. With the right pork sandwich, it’s your best choice.
  • Guacamole — You may not think of adding Guac to your sandwich, but a good guacamole mixed with tomatoes and onions goes nicely with ground beef. It’s a bit higher in fat, but it’s good fat that will promote heart health.
  • Hot Sauces — If you really want to add a kick to your sandwich, there are so many hot sauces to choose from. I’m a fan of Tabasco and Sriracha sauce, but anything spicy will be good for flavor and your health. These hot sauces usually have a bit of sodium, but they’re a low-calorie option that makes any sandwich a real treat!

The Neutral

  • Dijon Mustard — Worried about your heart? Dijon mustard – while being darn tasty – is loaded with sodium. You get the same amount of sodium from just one tablespoon as you get from two or three handfuls of Fritos, so it may be best to say “No” to this condiment.
  • Regional BBQ Sauces — As long as it’s not the thick, ketchup-like brown BBQ sauce, it’s not too bad for your sandwich. They tend to be fairly low in calories, but a bit high in sodium. Regional sauces from Kentucky, Texas, and the Carolinas are darn tasty, and definitely worth adding to your sandwich.

The Villains

  • Miracle Whip/Mayonnaise — Miracle Whip has almost no nutritional value, and it’s made almost entirely from saturated fat, chemicals, and calories. You would do well to stay away from Mayo as well, as it’s fairly low in nutrition and high in calories.
  • Ketchup/BBQ Sauce -­-While that gloopy brown BBQ sauce tastes absolutely fantastic, it’s loaded with sugar and sodium. Ketchup has even more sugar, and it’s one of the worst condiments that you can add to your sandwich if you’re dieting.
  • Salad Dressings — Yes, salad dressings do make a good addition to sandwiches, or at least the creamy Ranch and Caesar dressings do. Unfortunately, their great taste is offset by the 75 calories you get per tablespoon, so take those dressings off the menu. It’s a real shame, as nothing makes a burger tastier than a bit of Blue cheese dressing!

So, now you know what you’re putting in your sandwich. Can you make a healthy, low calorie sandwich that still tastes good? Yes, you can, but it’s going to take a bit of work to find the right combination of flavors that is both low in calories and rich in taste. Good luck, and happy sandwich making!

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