Low Calorie Desserts to Tantalize Your Tastebuds

The downside to being on a diet is that you can’t really enjoy the same treats you did before you started dieting. You have to watch your food intake, and desserts and sweet treats are the first things to be cut from your diet.

The good news: we’ve got some tasty low calorie desserts for you to try here. They’re all incredibly delicious, and yet they’re not going to add too much to your diet. Remember, moderation is the key, and these desserts will be ideal if you eat small portions of them!

Chocolate Goat Cheesecake

For this recipe, you’ll need to replace the cream cheese with low fat goat cheese. You can make the traditional chocolate cheesecake, but without the crust at the bottom. Use raw cocoa powder rather than bar chocolate, and keep the sugar to a healthy minimum. Cut the cheesecake into small cubes when it’s done baking, and you’ll only get about 75 calories per 1-inch square cube of cake.

Crustless Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is normally pretty rich, thanks to the crust and the heavy cream that is used to top it off. For this recipe, simply remove the crust from the equation, and stick with just the delicious pumpkin filling. You’ll need egg whites and pumpkin, and a big of sugar to make it sweet. Don’t forget nutmeg and cinnamon! For those who prefer their pumpkin pie to be a flan-like consistency, use more pumpkin than egg white, but load up on the egg whites if you want it to be more like cake. With half a cup of pumpkin puree and ΒΌ cup of egg whites, you’ll get just one serving – and only 75 calories!

Mini-Apple Pies

Want to enjoy the taste of the classic American dessert without the guilt of cheating on your diet? Make yourself a low-fat crust using almond flour or brown rice flour, and skimping a bit on the butter. Mix up a batch of your favorite apple sauce, and scoop the mixture onto the crumbly pie crusts – which you have already baked in the oven for 15 minutes. Add the top layer of crumbly pie crust onto the pie, and let it bake in the oven until your 220-calorie dessert is ready!

Nutty Chocolate Fruit Bars

If you want a healthy snack that will be almost like a power bar, this is definitely the best of the low calorie desserts for you to try. Get yourself a bit of dark chocolate, and melt it down until it’s nice and liquid. Spread a handful of dried cherries and toasted, unsalted nuts inside the bottom of a muffin tin, with a greased baking sheet beneath. Pour the chocolate into the pan, and place it in the freezer to cool. Once your chocolate mix has cooled off, it will harden and make a few delicious nutty chocolate bars with those tangy sweet cherries to offset the flavor nicely!


These are just a few of the low calorie desserts that you can whip up in your own home, but you’ll find that there are hundreds more delicious recipes that you can use to make desserts that are low in calories but rich in flavor.

The key to making these low calorie desserts is to get creative, and find ways to make classic desserts without adding all of the sugar and fat that you’d normally find in the hearty, full fat versions. You can experiment with different mixtures to find the perfect combination that works for your desserts, and you’ll find that they truly are very delicious ways to make low calorie desserts!

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