Low Impact HIIT Workout

HIIT workouts are excellent for weight loss, but they’re not for everyone. They can be pretty rough on both your muscles and your lungs if you’re not in stellar shape, not to mention a bit hard on your joints. They often involve a lot of high impact exercise, which can strain your knees, shoulders, arms, and legs.

Thankfully, we’ve got a simple low impact HIIT workout that you can do here. It involves a few exercises that will be amazing for your fitness, but they involve almost no jumping around.

Figure Skater

This is a simple movement that you can do with just your arms and your legs, and yet it will hit your core nicely as well.

To perform the exercise, stand with your feet spread beyond hip-width. Bend your left knee to drop into a side lunge of sorts, and drive your right arm and foot back like you’re figure skating. Keep that left elbow bent.

Once you’re down in the squat, push off your left leg onto your right leg – putting all of your weight onto it. You’re basically switching your stance to the other side, and hold that pose for a second before swinging back into the figure skater on the other side.

Here’s a video to show you how to do it…

No-Jump Burpees

One of the signature moves in a good HIIT workout is burpees – the exercise that most people come to hate quickly.

Here’s how to do a regular burpee

Now, to make it a low impact HIIT workout, simply eliminate the jump. When you push out with your feet, simply walk them backwards until your legs are extended. Bring them up to your chest – once again sans jump – and stand up. It’s a no-jump form of the exercise that’s wonderful for your cardio!

Seated Tucks

Rather than doing tuck jumps – an excellent HIIT exercise that puts a lot of pressure on both your hips and lower back – try doing this simple alternative: the seated tucks.

Sit on the edge of a chair or a box, pretty much anything high enough that your knees are bent just over 90 degrees. To do the tucks, all you need to do is tighten your abs and bring your knees up as close to your chest as you can. It’s a tough exercise, but it’s one that will rock your abs and get your heart pumping.

Plank Kicks

This one seems like an odd exercise, but it’s going to get your heart beating and your lungs pumping quickly.

To begin, assume the plank position – on your feet and hands, back and legs straight, tummy tucked in. Once in the plank position, kick your right foot out to the left, and use your left hand to touch that foot. Return to the original position, and use your left foot to kick out to the right as your right hand touches it.

It’s a weird exercise that takes time to get used to, but it will give your obliques and core a great workout.

Butterfly Squats

This form of squats is usually finished off with a jump, but you don’t necessarily need to launch yourself off the ground if you don’t want to.

Get in the position you’d assume for a regular squat – feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart. Drop down into the squat, and touch the floor with your fingertips. Explode upwards, extend your arms in an “X” over your head, and use your toes to lift your heels off the floor. You don’t need to jump, but simply do a calf raise to add a bit more intensity to this exercise.

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