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How It Works

Medifast is a food delivery service that provides subscribers with five of the six daily meals they recommend for weight loss. The Medifast 5 & 1 plan costs as little as $11 per day. One “Lean and Green” meal, consisting of a measured amount of lean protein and non-starchy vegetables, is recommended to be made at home. Medifast supplements the rest of the food you eat for the day over the course of five meals.

The Medifast diet promises 2 to 5 pounds of weekly weight loss. Anyone who follows Medifast are likely to experience impressive weight loss indeed as the diet is based on a very low-calorie approach.

This diet is popular because it’s easy to follow. Eat five Medifast “meals” (it would be more fair to call them “snacks”) daily with one Lean & Green meal made at home or ordered in a restaurant. There’s no counting calories, shopping and meal-planning, or other hurdles that can sidetrack dieters.

Pricing and Options

There are 70 interchangeable Medifast meals to choose from. Most of these are single-item “meals” like egg whites, soup, a shake, a “crunch bar”, or a fruit drink.

Medifast sells four week packages with enough “meals” to follow their 5 & 1 plan for $315. A two week package can be tried for $162.50. They also sell bulk packages of each of their meals to accommodate dieters who have a favorite item(s).

What People Are Saying

Due to the very low-calorie approach, Medifast is generally well-regarded by those who try it. It’s close to impossible not to lose weight on this diet if you follow it faithfully since the number of calories you’re eating per day hovers around 1,200.

Criticisms of the Medifast diet are that the food isn’t always very tasty or fulfilling (a common complaint of many diets) and that it can be tough to transition back to a normal diet while sustaining the weight loss. The diet also creates social challenges since it becomes hard to join in on meals with others.

The Fine Print

Medifast uses a-la-carte style ordering which means no subscriptions or recurring billing. First- and second-time orders of more than $250 qualify to receive 28 free meals.


If you’re serious about losing weight fast, Medifast is a great program to follow. Their 5 & 1 plan is convenient, easy to follow, and inexpensive compared to other meal-delivery diet programs. You won’t be wowed with all of the amazing foods you’re eating, but you will lose weight which is what it’s all about.

Get started on your weight loss goals by visiting Medifast today!

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