Role of Metabolism in Weight Control

Metabolic rate plays a large role in nutrition, bodily function, and dieting. A basic understanding of the relationship between metabolic rate and weight loss can help you diet successfully.

The metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns fuel in order to keep you  alive. Your body’s energy comes from burning this fuel, so if you have a low metabolic rate, you will probably have lower energy needs.

Energy needs vary person to person. They are determined by several factors including:

  • age
  • gender
  • genetics
  • health
  • environmental surroundings

Due to these factors, every one will have a different metabolic rate, which is why it’s always important to choose a diet that fits you personally and not a diet that’s trendy and popular.

Extreme dieting can lower your metabolic rate by about 45% and with a suppressed metabolic rate; your body burns less fuel. The metabolism is reduced because of a gradual decline in total body protein levels that inevitably occur when a low calorie diet is continued. So even though you are losing a lot of weight, you won’t maintain the weight loss because your metabolic rate has drastically slowed. For longer weight loss effects, it’s important to focus on steady dieting instead of crash dieting. Remember, with a slower metabolic rate your body burns calories slower, which makes it hard to keep the weight off.

If you are having problems losing weight and keeping it off, it might be because you are not eating enough. If you’re body is not getting enough energy from foods it goes into starvation mode and starts using muscles and organs to create the fuel needed to survive.  Fat is one of the last things your body will burn. This means that instead of fat loss you will experience muscle loss.  If you’re looking for that toned beach body, this is obviously not a good solution.

Extreme dieting is a lose-lose situation. It’s bad for your body, it’s bad for consistent and long-term weight loss, and it slows down your metabolic rate. Instead of extreme dieting, look into other diets that provide you with healthy, lasting options.

Make sure to consume your individual daily calorie requirements, which will give you the energy your body needs. Supplement calories with exercise and you’ll be on the right track to a slimmer you.

Exercise helps to increase your metabolic rate

A healthy diet and exercise boost fat loss and you will burn calories faster. It’s an extremely vital part of any diet and can be easily added to your daily routine by taking the stairs or going on a 30-minute walk.

The calorie intake can be decreased slightly in the diet while the exercise will cause 2 effects – a faster metabolism and the burning of more calories during the session. Both effects will create a larger, more natural calorie deficit which will boost fat loss. Then once you inevitably reach a weight loss plateau, which happens to everyone at some stage, you’ll have plenty of scope to move back into another calorie deficit and continue towards your weight loss goal. Plus, the great benefit to losing weight this way is that less strict dieting means you can still eat some of the foods you enjoy!

Some kind of energy burning activity is a must in order to sustain a large portion of your metabolic rate. Yes, it doesn’t have to mean frequent visits to the gym. Energy burning activity could mean things like

  • walking around
  • painting the bedroom
  • walking the dog
  • clearing out the garage

It doesn’t always matter what you do as long as you burn more calories over a sustained period (up to half-hour). So use your imagination and keep moving!

It is natural for us to move and be active, the quicker we develop a natural lifestyle, the faster we can begin to look more natural on the outside. This means a slim, lean and shapely body!

You’re metabolic rate is extremely important and a vital part of any diet. Make sure to pick a diet that works for you as an individual and make sure exercise is part of that diet. Although the effects won’t immediately be as dramatic, in the long run you’ll be able to keep the weight off in a healthy way with lasting effects.

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