The effects of Mitochondria on Metabolism & Weight Loss

Factors that affect metabolism:

  • the foods that we choose to eat
  • the amount of physical activity that we engage in regularly
  • the habits that we set for our lifestyles
  • our attitudes

Mitochondrial decay is directly correlated with slower metabolism rates. Slowed metabolic rates are directly correlated with unsuccessful weight management efforts. If you want to lose weight, then you need to increase metabolism. Metabolism is simply your body’s processes of utilizing the foods that we eat efficiently to maintain cellular structures and fuel for life.

Let’s bring it all together:

  • The mitochondria in our cells derives energy from the foods that we eat to fuel our lives.
  • Through wear and tear, the number of mitochondria in each of our cells diminishes as we age.
  • Decreased mitochondria, i.e. mitochondrial decay, causes our metabolic rates to decrease.
  • This means that we’re producing less energy but taking in the same amount of food energy.
  • This excess food energy is stored as fat tissue.
  • This is not conducive to recognizing our weight loss and management goals.

-> Take good care of your mitochondria!

You take care of your mitochondria in the following manners:

  • Do not eat rich foods. Eat light foods that are easy for your body to break down and assimilate. Whole foods are best by far.
  • Eat less foods overall. When you eat less, your mitochondria have less work to do. With less work done, the life of your mitochondria is elongated.
  • Exercise more. Regular physical activity increases mitochondrial production levels.
  • Provide the body with sufficient healthful nutrients, vitamins, minerals, water, healthy fats and loads of antioxidants.
  • Be consistently attentive to other methods for increasing your metabolic rate. For instance, take the steps instead of the escalator. Park in back of a parking lot instead of waiting for that spot right up by the doors. Take your dog an extra walk every day. Do whatever you can think of in order to create an increased level of physical activity in your life.

By increasing the longevity of your cell’s mitochondria, you increase your own longevity. You are your cells! Your cells are you. If you wish to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight level, prevent and/or reverse diseases, optimize your health and live happier, then you have to embrace the concept that you are nothing more than a conglomeration of cellular structures that need proper fuels (the foods that you eat) and regular physical activity to thrive.

You must seek approval from your doctor before starting any new diet. Please read our Terms!

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