Mixing Cardio and Weight Training for the Best Results

Many people make the mistake of just lifting weights or doing cardio workouts, but did you know that it can actually cause you to see less progress for your efforts? If you’re serious about packing on the pounds of muscle and getting into the best shape possible, it’s important that you combine your cardio and weight training routines. You’ll see excellent results, and in the least amount of time possible.

The Mistake of Only Doing Weight Training

Many people train their bodies to develop power, and they focus exclusively on building muscle. When this happens, the muscles develop to the point that they’re almost too large for the body. The muscles are very strong, but there is no flexibility or balance to the muscles. You’ll find that only working out your muscles by lifting weights will help you to build strength, but your overall performance will be much poorer than if you were to include cardio training in your workouts.

For athletes that need to only build strength, skipping out on cardio is acceptable. However, for the average person, it’s important to mix cardio in with the weight training. Even if your goal is to focus on building strength, you need to ensure that your muscles are flexible and versatile. You may have power for one range of motion (pressing or curling), but your muscles won’t be able to handle extended use. You’ll end up with large, fairly useless muscles thanks to the fact that you didn’t do cardio training.

The Mistake of Only Doing Cardio Workouts

It’s a common myth that only doing lots of cardio will result in smaller, more athletic frames than those that do lots of weight training with little cardio. Those that do only cardio think that they’ll lose a lot more weight, but the truth is that the body won’t burn as much energy just doing cardio alone. The best way to see lots of fat burning is to combine weight training and cardio.

When you do just cardio, your body has to cannibalize the muscles that it has in order to keep itself fueled for your workouts. You will burn some fat, but you’ll end up burning a lot of muscle too. Your efforts to lose weight by doing exclusively cardio will cause you to lose both fat and muscle, and you’ll be much slimmer and less toned thanks to your cardio. The muscles that are not in use by your body will be treated as expendable mass, and they will be burned up by your body.

The Importance of Mixing Both Cardio and Weight Training

As you can see, one form of exercise will not get the desired results without the other. If you’re serious about bulking up and packing on the pounds of muscle, it’s important to include both cardio and weight training exercises in your routine:

  • Cardio — Throw in about 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day before your workout. It will help to get your fat burning and your metabolism running, and it will ensure that your body can obtain energy from its fat and glucose stores as you work out the muscle. Dedicate one day to cardio alone.
  • Weight Training — Once you’re done with your cardio workout, dedicate 40 minutes to weight training. You’ll find that your body will pack on the pounds of muscles much more effectively, and you won’t be cannibalizing the muscles on your body for energy. In fact, you’ll be using enough of the muscle that your body will repair the muscles quickly after your workout — causing visible growth in your muscles.
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