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Prepare Yourself Mentally for Exercise



Those who struggle to exercise regularly often look with envy at those who work out daily. How do they do it? What motivates them? It all comes down to how you prepare yourself mentally for exercise. And what activities you choose for exercise.

When we think of exercising , we naturally focus on the physical side, but in the long term, the mental side of exercise is just as important. If you chat with folks who exercise regularly, one will typically find they share one thing in common; they enjoy it.

Figuring out how you too can start to actually enjoy your workouts involves a couple of processes. The first is simply trying to target what you enjoy doing.



Have fun: Unfortunately, most are hung up on the idea that exercise means going to the gym or the health club. But the reality is, not only can the gym be a pretty intimidating place for a beginner, it s also far from the only option for exercise.

Once you open yourself up to the full range of possibilities, you realize that your choices are vast. Get outside the gym and your options for cardio exercise increase tremendously including running, walking, swimming, biking, rowing and even inline skating.


A wonderful by-product of strenuous endurance exercise as the above mentioned is the so-called runners high . This is a real experience that occurs when the pituitary gland releases substantial quantities of pleasure neuro chemicals in the brain called ‘endorphins’. These chemicals have amazing properties, including the ability to block pain and to produce overall feelings of euphoria. Given that one of the substances the brain releases during exercise is a natural cannabinoid, it s hardly surprising that the majority feel good after a solid workout.

Other choices for exercise are sports of different kinds, everything from tennis to basketball, soccer to ice hockey and dancing. From line dancing, to ballroom dancing, to jazz, dancing provide a fantastic and most enjoyable workout. It is unanimous that music does make us happy.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a drudge or a chore by any means. Find something that s enjoyable and it is guaranteed that you will begin to look forward to your workouts, rather than processing exercise as a form of torture.

There are other measures one can take to make exercise a regular part of a healthy lifestyle. If you are working out to lose weight or improve your health, try to set clear goals rather than simply having a vague goal of losing weight or getting in shape.


The power of goals: The secret to goal setting is to set your goals to where they are just somewhat challenging, but not so difficult that they are not achievable. Set your goals in small baby steps. For example, if you enjoy running, don t set the goal at one mile when you can only run 300 yards. Increase your goal by 300 yard increments and soon you will be running a mile faster than you even thought possible. When you have achieved each small goal, reward yourself! A word about rewards; please do not use food as a reward. For logical reasons of course. Wholesome and healthy diets and lifestyles are centered on foods that provide health sustaining whole food vitamins, not the junk foods that have brought many of us to this point in the first place.

If the goal is to lose weight, finding other ways to reward yourself (for example a new item of clothing if you lose ten pounds) will support, rather than undermine your efforts, and help teach your brain that there are other rewards out there rather than food. How often have we heard If I loose 10 pounds I will eat a pizza ? This makes no sense and undermines honest efforts to loose weight and regain power over your life and health.

Think yourself thin: Another powerful tool is visualization; seeing yourself in the future the way you want to be. Research reveals that the clearer the goal, the more real it is in your mind and the more likely you are to achieve it. This is a technique that is used by most world-class athletes, but is just as effective for everyone else.

Take a little time each day to see yourself at your ideal weight; picture how you will look, what you will do, what you will wear and how it will feel. Most important of all, think about the positive impact on your health and longevity. The more detail you add, the more real it will seem to your brain. After a while, your brain will take on board the image of the real you, and start directing your behavior towards that image.

After a while, when presented with the temptation of junk food, you will refuse it not because you use every ounce of will power to do so, but because eating that cake is not what your ideal image wants for you .

You will perform your workouts, all of them, because that s who you are and what you do. As you do this, each success reinforces the ideal you. The more you perform these mental operations, the more success you experience, the more powerful that reinforcement becomes.

By using the power of your mind, by mentally preparing yourself to exercise, you can turn what has up until now been a torture into something you look forward to because of the way it makes you feel and the way it makes you look. And finally, most important of all, the positive impact on your health.




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