Parent tips for reversing obesity in children



Reversing Obesity in Our Children:

The Direct Relationship between Lifestyle Habits and Obesity


Children who are fortunate enough to have health-conscious parents are far more likely to avoid the horrific onset of obesity in their later years. And even though the most recent Swedish research reported on in the British Medical Journal states that beginning an exercise program later in life is almost as good as having exercised all along, it’s not. And even if it was, remaining fit throughout the course of your life has a lot to do with what is ingrained in your mind early on. In a nutshell, children who are raised with a mindset that embraces regular physical activity and healthful eating will continue to embrace positive lifestyle habits into their later years most generally. And children who were allowed to lay around year after year playing video games, eating TV dinners and not challenging themselves physically – well, let’s just say that taking a look around yourself will show you the results.

The mind controls the body – and all too often, unhealthy lifestyle habits control the mind.

Worldwide obesity levels are at record highs. There have never been more fat, unfit people on the planet as there are currently. Degenerative lifestyle habits, including very poor food intake choices, engaging in almost zero physical activity, allowing high stress to go unchecked – and developing generally weak mindsets – are killing people by the millions every year.

Mitochondrial decay and the general degrading of bodily systems are somewhat natural occurrences as we age. However, it is completely ridiculous to think that it’s natural to waste away in the manners that people do today. Fast foods, sedentary lifestyles and chemical concoctions from big pharmaceutical companies are not the keys to health. Every individual human being needs to be responsible for their own health and longevity. And how do we as humans encourage and learn that responsibility?

Parents: Be parents! Do not allow your precious children to begin dying so young!

It’s a very basic, easy-to-understand fact that increased exercise yields decreased mortality. It’s also a no-brainer that the foods we eat are directly related to our health levels. Additionally, it should not surprise you that those who do not directly and the intentionally intervene to control their stress levels will die far sooner than those who do. Every leading research university on the planet has concluded the same thing – time after time. Obesity is directly related to every preventable and reversible disease. And obesity itself is directly preventable and reversible as well.


So what can we do? As responsible, loving parents, what can we do to ensure that our children do not become obese, unhealthy adults?

Tips for parents who honestly want their children to live long, healthy lives:

  • Try to limit the amount of fast, fried, prepared, microwave, bleached, unhealthy foods they eat. Of course, almost every kid would choose a brightly-coloured, sugar-filled, zero-nutrition treat over a healthy serving of bean sprouts! That’s why they have parents. It is your direct responsibility to encourage the food intake choices of your children. Further, you need to actually prepare healthy meals for them. They don’t know how to cook. They don’t know about nutrition. They don’t even care to yet. Maybe their decisions should be made for them until they’re responsible enough to make those decisions for themselves.

  • Likewise, the vast majority of children would rather deeply immerse themselves within the electronic confines of a video game than to go out and jog a mile. That doesn’t make it the healthy thing to do though. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with playing a video game either – at least not here and there. Wouldn’t it be lovingly-sensible to demand that your children engage in physical activity at least as often as they play video games? Wouldn’t it be parentally responsible to make sure that the children in your home play outside as often as they sit in front of a television? Here’s a hint for you: they’re probably not going to do it unless you encourage them!

To concisely summarize, children need guidance – and examples. They need encouragement on what to eat. They need to be shown when to exercise. They need to have healthful meals prepared for them. They need to be consistently encouraged to develop healthful lifestyle habits. And then, they will.









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