Overcoming Barriers to Exercise

You finally decided to take control of your body and get back to the way you used to look and feel. You enthusiastically decided to begin a rigorous exercise program and even though you had the best of intentions to make a healthier lifestyle change, you often face exercise barriers that are preventing you from sticking to your new lifestyle. You may feel as if you don’t have enough time, energy, or emotional support that you need to maintain your fitness plan.

The Lack of Time Barrier

One of the many excuses that you might use to convince yourself that your new lifestyle change is impossible is the lack of time in your schedule. You lead a very busy life with work, family, charity events and time out with friends. You often come up with the excuse that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to complete all of your obligations and find the time to exercise.

In order to overcome exercise barriers you must make yourself your first priority. Decide for yourself that until you fulfill your obligation to you that you cannot move on to fulfill obligations to others. This may mean setting time aside earlier in the morning before starting your day. Try getting up 20 to 30 minutes earlier so you’ll have that time for brief morning workouts.

If you’re not a morning person you could always exercise mid-day, even if you work. Simply set aside part of your lunch hour for exercise. Keep a pair of walking shoes in your office or car, and spend the latter part of your lunch break taking a brisk walk near your work place. Otherwise, you’ll have to make time in the evening to exercise. Something relaxing like Yoga or Tai Chi will work well just before bedtime. Purchase a 30 minute DVD to follow along. You’ll find that you also enjoy better sleep at night followed by mild, meditative style exercise. Although 20 to 30 minutes may not seem like a lot of time to exercise, if you make it daily routine you’ll notice positive improvements in your overall health and fitness.

The Lack of Energy Barrier

Most of us lead lifestyles that leave us totally exhausted by the end of each day. Even so, we need to exercise because it is essential for keeping our bodies healthy and fit. Moreover, daily exercise provides us with more energy. Don’t let barriers to exercise keep you from reaching your fitness goals. Making sure you get a sufficient amount of sleep each night will help you maintain your daily exercise routine. Plan to sleep at least 7 hours a night.

Additionally, during the day scale back on unnecessary tasks and learn to make better use of your time. If you find yourself really tired during the day squeeze in a power nap. Even 10 minutes at your desk during lunch will give you a burst of energy. In the beginning, you may need to rotate your exercise schedule from one day to the next until you find the time that best meets your needs.

The Lack of Support Barrier

Some days you may lack the motivation to workout. If this happens more often than not, you should seek a support system. Lack of moral support is one of the most common barriers to exercise for people trying to lose weight and get fit. It is never fun to feel like you are completely on your own when trying to reach your personal goals.

You can recruit a friend or a family member to be your workout buddy. Having a workout buddy will make you both accountable to each other. When you don’t feel like working out, you will because you know someone is expecting you to show up to support them as well.

If you don’t have anyone who you already know who is interested in becoming your workout buddy, you can find others who are looking for workout buddies. There are several workout clubs on social media websites that have groups set up that are specific to your workout of choice. Utilizing social media can make it possible for you to meet people in your area that can join you in your workouts.  

Barriers to Exercise Considerations

Overall, whatever barriers to exercise you may face, you can rest assured knowing that there is always a solution to combat that barrier. Remember, you are your first priority, make time for you. Proper sleep and a healthy diet is key to having the energy that you need to complete your planned workouts. Having a workout buddy can help you stay on track by holding you accountable and prevent you from straying from your workout goals.

If you have failed to exercise for an extended period of time, are suffering from obesity, are taking medication or have an existing health condition remember to talk to your doctor before starting any new fitness programs or exercise routines.

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