Weight Loss Tips for Women

It’s easy to lose weight quickly, only to gain it back just as quickly. Permanent weight loss comes when there is a change in eating habits for the long term. This type of change allows the body to burn excess fat permanently.

Here are 5 tips that will help keep off those pounds:

1. Eat Breakfast
A good start to the day would be a bowl of high-fiber cereal with a banana or yogurt. If there isn’t any time in the morning, then even grabbing a healthy cereal bar on your way out the door is better than nothing at all.

2. Stock Up on Snacks
A piece of fruit in the morning and afternoon helps keep blood sugar levels under control. This may even help limit hunger pains, especially if fruit is eaten 30 minutes before a meal.

3. Remember Portion Control
For permanent weight loss it is important to control portion size at every meal. If you are suffering from crippling hunger pains then fill up on a large bowl of salad or vegetables first. It may even help drinking a small glass of water 30 minutes before serving dinner.

4. Give Yourself “Treat Days”
Pick one or two days out of the week to treat yourself. Allowing yourself to indulge a little keeps you on track, diet-wise, and keeps you from bingeing.

5. Enjoy Protein
Protein has been shown to have appetite suppressive benefits. Eating protein for each main meal can help cut appetite and suppress cravings. Protein is also essential for maintaining lean muscle mass for optimum metabolic rate.

The trick for any diet is to find the best, most comfortable way to reduce calorie consumption without attempting to starve yourself. When losing weight permanently, you should never try to reduce calories too much too soon. Your metabolism will quickly be affected and will keep you from losing any further weight.

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