BMR Calculating Physical Activity Ratios by multiplying BMR by PAR

Calculation of energy expenditure using Physical Activity Ratio (PAR)

Below is the chart showing the physical activity ratio’s of many common activities. We can work out our total energy requirements by simply multiplying our calculated basal metabolic rateBMR by the PAR.

Firstly, work out your daily calories requirements by using the Harris-Benedict equation, or the Schofield equation. Once you have calculated your BMR look at the chart below to find the category which closely resembles your daily activity levels. Then multiply the PAR value by you BMR, this will be an estimated value for the number of calories your body requires each day.


For example, if you work for 10 hours each day in an office performing general duties then your PAR will be the average of 1.6. Look at the color codes to see how I have worked the example!



* Always seek approval from a qualified doctor before attempting any new exercise or activity. Please read our terms Terms of use!



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