Pros and Cons of Joining a Fitness Center

When searching for a way to improve your fitness level and overall health, one of the primary things that you need to do is exercise. There are many exercise solutions out there and joining a fitness center is a popular option. Joining a fitness center might be the perfect fitness solution for you, but it might not work out at all, so before you decide to either run out and join the nearest gym or completely dismiss the idea of obtaining fitness center membership altogether, take a look at the pros and cons of joining one.

The Pros of Joining a Fitness Center

Extra Space at Home

Because fitness equipment can be large and cumbersome, it might not be reasonable for you to have a full set of equipment at home. If you live in a studio apartment, for example, chances are that you can’t fit a treadmill in your “living room”, let alone a full set of workout equipment. Joining a fitness center gives you access to a broad array of exercise tools that will allow you to improve your fitness without impeding on your personal space at home.

Access to Personal Fitness Trainers

Personal trainers are excellent motivators to help you with your fitness and weight loss goals. They can educate you to the best exercise routines for your body type and weight and help you create the optimum fitness plan. However, personal trainers are also extremely expensive unless you have a gym membership. Even the most inexpensive fitness centers staff personal trainers that will work with you individually as part of your membership agreement or for a small fee available only for members.

Free Use of Leading Fitness Equipment

Purchasing quality exercise equipment for you home can cost you hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars. Fitness center membership provides you with access to a wide range of the best exercise equipment available without having to spend the money to buy your own. Many gyms have locations all over the country, so you can still have access while on vacation or in the event that you need to relocate.

Gyms Offer Multiple Fitness Solutions

There is a reason why gyms are also known as fitness centers. They provide access not only to treadmills and weight training equipment, but to a vast array of fitness activities. Many fitness centers offer group fitness classes, such as Yoga and Zumba, basketball court access, swimming pool use, and free or low cost health seminars.

Spa Treatment Services

A single spa treatment costs anywhere from around $50 to $150 for a basic 15 to 30 minute massage to thousands of dollars for a full-service day at the spa. In most cases, fitness center membership will minimize this expense. A large number of fitness centers around the globe offer access to their full-service spas either for a relatively low fee or for free with membership. Spa services are also available at many YMCA facilities at reduced prices for members. It you have the opportunity to participate in spa treatment you should take advantage; research has indicated that spa treatments help to improve your overall health and feelings of wellness.

Fitness Centers are Often More Cost Effective

Most people have not idea of how to develop a fitness plan or which system will work best for their needs. Thus, they end up trying many different fitness programs and purchasing workout tools that end up stored in their closets. This approach wastes both time and money. On the other hand, a fitness center membership will give you the option to try out multiple fitness routines without having to worry about paying extra.

Cons of Joining a Fitness Center

Gym Memberships Require Contracts

Many fitness centers will only let you join if you sign a contract to lock you in as a member for a predetermined amount of time, usually a one year minimum.. If you end up liking the gym and you don’t plan on moving anytime soon this is fine. However, if you have to relocate and are far from one of their facilities, or you decide that you no longer want membership because you don’t have time to go, rarely go or simply decided it doesn’t meet your needs you may be unable to cancel your contract without incurring large cancellation fees. In most cases you will still be financial responsible to pay through the remainder of your contract.

Wasted Money for Rare Users

You would be surprised by the number of people who pay for gym memberships and never go. If you cannot commit to going to the fitness center consistently at least twice a week then membership is a waste of your money. Even fitness centers without contracts usually require automatic credit or debit card payments, so it could be months before you remember to cancel your membership.

Do What Works Best for You

Now that you know the pros and cons of joining a fitness centers, you can more readily decide if membership is the best option for your fitness needs.

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