Amount of Proteins in Milk

Milk contains 3.3% of total protein and all nine essential amino acids, 60% of those amino acids come for the cow’s diet, which brings whole new meaning to “you are what you eat” (or drink in this case.)

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The protein in milk is high quality protein, however since milk has a high water content protein levels in milk are low.  The protein found in milk is vital to human growth, transporting enzymes, and helping antibodies- which fight disease.

One glass of non-fat milk contains 3.3. grams of protein and it’s recommend to get at least 50 grams of protein a day. Sheep’s milk contains 5 grams of protein and is easy to incorporate into your diet through cheese such a feta. Both condensed milk and evaporated milk contain 8 grams of protein and are great in a yummy Tres Leches cake.

There are several types of protein in milk, but the main types are called caseins. Caseins are important for children and infants because they aid in growth and development, this is one of the reasons why humans drink so much milk. Even though cow’s milk does not contain the same protein as human breastmilk it does contain the necessary essential amino acids necessary.

Milk also contains a lot of other vital minerals like potassium, calcium and vitamins like Vitamin D and A, all of which are essential to our body’s growth and development. This is why bodybuilders and other athletes often mix high-protein-shakes with low-fat milk.

To start your day with milk protein, try milk in a smoothie or with oatmeal. Finish your day by adding milk in sauce or for a dessert. Milk is easy to add to your diet, just a simple glass will do.

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