Quick and Tasty Meals with Protein Powder

Protein powder is an amazing addition to any healthy weight loss and muscle-building diet! Not only will it provide all the amino acids your body needs to build muscle, but it will help your body shift from burning calories of glucose to burning fat cells. By adding protein powder to your meals, you can increase your fitness drastically. Here are a few quick and easy meals with protein powder in the recipe:

Chocolate Banana Bread

For this, you will need a bit of chocolate-flavored protein powder. All you have to do is mix the chocolate protein powder into the recipe, using it to replace a little of the flour. Throw in a few nuts and seeds for good measure, and you have one heck of a healthy snack! It’s a great way to get a boost of energy before or after your intense workout.

Chili Con Carne

For this recipe, you will need unflavored protein powder. It may not be as easy to find as chocolate or vanilla-flavored stuff, but it’s the perfect addition to your savory meals. Make this with all of the delicious, rich spices you love (cumin, garlic, onions, pepper, chili powder, and so on), and make sure there is plenty of meat and beans thrown into the chili. Stir in some protein powder right before serving, and you will have a beautifully thick, protein-heavy dish that makes the perfect post-workout refuel!

Chocolate Strawberry Fro-Yo

This is a wonderful treat to enjoy in the evening, or for when you’re craving something sweet. First, you’ll need chocolate flavored protein powder. You’ll also need strawberries–either fresh or frozen will do. Throw the strawberries into the food processor, along with the yogurt and a bit of water (just a few tablespoons will do). Once the strawberry yogurt is done, set it in a separate bowl and blend the chocolate protein powder with your yogurt (no need for water this time). Take both containers of yoghurt and pour them into a single bowl or container to place in the freezer. When it freezes, you’ll have a dual-flavored dessert that packs a beautiful protein punch. Use casein protein powder to make this the perfect pre-bedtime snack!

Fish Tacos

Who doesn’t love fish tacos? Made with soft white fish fried or deep fried in a delicious batter, it’s a meal you can serve guests at any time. All you have to do to make it a bit healthier is to mix flavorless protein powder into the flour through which you will dredge the fish, and fry the fish rather than deep fry it. Serve it with your own delicious homemade guacamole, pico de gallo (onion, tomato, and fresh jalapeno, diced and served with lemon), and salsa. It’s a meal you can’t help but love.

Homemade Protein Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a healthy snack and don’t mind unusual flavors, try this recipe! Mix vanilla or chocolate-flavored protein powder with rice, almond, or coconut milk, and run the liquid through an ice cream maker. You’ll end up with a light, airy form of ice cream that is much healthier than the dairy version. Use casein protein powder to make this a healthy evening snack!

Choco-Quinoa Dessert

Want something healthy to eat after your meals? Make a healthy quinoa dessert, using chocolate protein powder to add a flavor punch! Add some nuts and seeds into the mixture, and stir in some raw, unsweetened cacao. With a small portion of brown sugar thrown into the dish, it’s ready to bake and enjoy! Talk about healthy and delicious.

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