Quick Holiday Exercise Tips

Being away from home during the holidays can play havoc with your exercise schedule. It’s almost impossible to stick to a diet, and despite all the time off you never seem to find a chance to go for a jog or hit the gym. The trick is that, since the holidays are a family time, your best chance at success is to try and involve as much of the family as possible.

You might not be able to stick to your regular weight loss schedule, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in some solid exercise during your winter break.

Exercise tips to help you keep lean and mean during this holiday season:

  1. Make walking a daily activity, and involve everyone. If you have dogs, this becomes a lot easier because you can take them all for a walk in the woods or the countryside if you live outside a city. The kids will be much more likely to join you if you’re taking the dogs for a walk, but if they’re not then get your fittest dog on a leash and go for a vigorous run.
  2. Get yourself a bicycle. You can rent one for a day or even for a week if you don’t have one lying around at home. If you’re on holiday in a new place, this can be a great alternative to taking public transport or driving everywhere. Learn a few easy routes or pick up a book of them at the local tourist information booth. Even if you’re in your home town you might find some interesting new places to go for a cycle.
  3. Incorporate sports and games into your family activities. If you have a large outdoor area nearby, and it isn’t 40 below outside, try to get as many of your family together for a game of touch football, soccer or even catch. The snow and cold will help you burn calories faster, and get your heart rate up to optimal in a shorter time – but be careful not to expose yourself to the cold for too long!
  4. Get up early. When it’s holiday time it’s easy to get caught up in family activities, and before you know it the entire day is gone. Wake up an hour before everyone else usually does and go for a quick run, or just take the dogs for a walk through the park. If everyone else is having a sedentary Christmas, this might be your only chance to get out and get some exercise.
  5. Be disciplined. Create a schedule, and set a goal for how many miles you want to run between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve – or just how many calories you should be burning per day. Keep track of your progress, and if you start slipping behind then go out for an extra run in the evening.
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