Raise Metabolism with Exercise

Raising the metabolism is the best way to burn body fat stores. Experts will agree that exercising more will help to raise your metabolism. The problem is, many people don’t want to be exercising for hours in the gym just to speed up the metabolic rate. People want to spend less time exercising and get the most out of it. We will explain how little exercise needs to be done in order to increase metabolic rate.

Training Exercise to Increase Metabolism
It is possible to raise the speed of metabolism without lots of exercise. Weight training exercises are some of the best for boosting the metabolic rate to speed weight loss. Basic exercises like

  • Squats
  • Leg Press
  • Dead Lifts
  • Bench Press

These are multi-joint exercises that target the major muscle groups of the body when they are performed correclty. By training all the biggest muscles of the body the body is also burning a lot of energy within a small time span. Try to perform those exercises twice each week for a total workout time of around 30 minutes. For example you can start off very light for the first few workouts and then gradually work at building up the resistance every session. If you manag to do ten repetitions with your regular weight you can raise the resistance for the next session. Consult with your doctor and a qualified instructor before attempting a routine of high intensity weight training.

Watching run-of-the-mill fitness shows and listening to gym instructors, you’re supposed to “feel the burn” when exercising. And while most of us can tell a noticeable difference in the way our bodies feel, the way our muscles feel, we don’t necessarily take this as literally meaning “burn”. But that’s basically what’s happening inside of our bodies when we exercise. Our heart rate increases, our metabolism kicks into overdrive, we sweat – we essentially becoming furnaces, and our body’s higher core temperate during exercise has a wonderful effect on our metabolism.

By starting and staying on an exercise routine, your body temperature can be altered and thus leaving you feeling great, energized, healthy, and it will also help you to sleep better, avoid mid-morning cravings, and to experience better concentration. These are all positive effects you’ll experience from what is essentially a raised internal body temperature because of exercising.

Increasing the speed of our metabolism is probably one of the easiest ways to lose weight naturally and creates some benefits that will maintain the weight loss progress.

  • less exercise would be needed – giving you more time
  • less effort if you do exercise
  • less chance of weight regain after dieting
  • still enjoy some favorite foods

A lot of different factors affect the speed metabolism. More information about those factors you will find in our Article “Factors that influence the speed of metabolism”.

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