Reduce body fat to a minimum is it possible to lose lots fat weight



Reduce Fat in Fat Cells


Why is it, so many overweight people struggle to reduce their fat percentage down to a level where they’re very lean, is it because our genes predispose us to be fat for our entire lives?

Reducing fat percentage is not the same as losing weight, many people lose lots of weight through diet alone without any exercise, the trouble is the body adapts and fat loss rapidly slows as the body attempts to hold onto a certain level of fat. We all have the physical potential to reduce our body fat but fat percentage cannot be rapidly reduced within a few weeks. The fact is it will involve some type of physical activity and also require a change in eating habits that should last for life. For some people it will take longer and require a strict exercise and diet regime.

There are a number of physiological factors that help maintain a person’s fat percentage, the most important one to consider is the number of fat cells surrounding the body. We all have different numbers of fat cells, the amount we have is genetically predetermined and we cannot change this fact. If you have 20 million fat cells it doesn’t matter what exercise or diet you follow this number can never be reduced. What actually happens when we burn body fat is the amount of fat stored in each fat cell decreases.

The total number of fat cells we have is important as it’s the main factor which determines how lean we can eventually become, generally the more fat cells a person has the less chance the individual can reduce fat to a very low percentage, this is because fat cells always contain some fat, in other words they cannot be completely “empty”. For this reason we could deduce that there will always remain that layer of fat under the skin which will be virtually impossible to remove. It may also help explain why the more fat we burn off the harder it will be to reduce fat levels further!

If we take into account that many people who struggle to lose weight tend to have an endomorph body type and endomorphs naturally possess a greater number of fat cells then they will never be able to reduce fat percentage as low as people with other body types. For the endomorphs the idea should be to work on adapting the diet and exercise program along with their progress, the continuing demands placed upon the body will eventually help reduce the total fat within each cell to a minimum.

Once the endomorph has reduced the level of fat percentage its important to maintain a healthy regime because they have a greater chance to reload fat cells compared with a person with a lower number of fat cells. The number of fat cells we have is controlled by our genes but this is not the only factor, our lifestyle and eating habits play a huge part. These are factors that can be changed through conscious choice.



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