Three Simple Tricks to Cutting Empty Sugar Calories

I believe that our sweet sense is tuned to the present sugar intake. By this I mean, if we eat a lot of sugar we become desensitized to it, thus we need more sugar to experience the same sensation. Unfortunately, we eat more sugar than we probably realize since there are so many foods with hidden sugar. If it’s true and our taste buds can become desensitized then maybe they can be reversed, and re-sensitized.

The Coffee Trick

Most of us love sugar in our coffee, it makes it sweater, tastier, and sometimes even bearable to drink when you have nasty coffee from a drip brew.

Here is how I went from three cups of coffee each day with two teaspoons of sugar to using one-forth that amount of sugar.

  • 1st cup of coffee – no sugar at all. This tasted awful to me at first but I made sure I drank it.
  • 2nd cup of coffee – just half a teaspoon of sugar. Okay tasting but still bitter and metallic.
  • 3rd cup of coffee – one full teaspoon of sugar. This time the drink tasted sweet enough for me to enjoy it.

Just cutting out that one sugar in 3 cups of coffee each day meant I had reduced my calorie intake by 336 calories each week with no real effort involved!

I started to think about how this trick could work with foods. I noticed that whenever I was really hungry I could eat foods I don’t normally enjoy, yet they would taste ok, or sometimes even nice. I thought that maybe the hunger somehow made my sweet tasting cells much more sensitive to sugar enabling me to detect smaller quantities in the foods making it taste better.

The Candy Bar Trick

It is 3PM at the office and you’re tired, hungry, and becoming grumpy. You reach for a candy bar like Snickers or Hershey’s and gobble it up. A delicious food coma takes over you, immediately followed a sugar high. At 5PM, your sugar high crashes and you want to go home.

Not only do you add 300 calories by eating a candy bar, you’re adding empty calories of processed sugars and carbs. Instead, add fruit or nuts. Here’s how to do it:

  • Day one – Skip the candy bar entirely. Eat an apple. Your body will revolt because it wants sweet, fatty candies. Ignore your body.
  • Day two – Eat some berries and nuts and a small piece of dark chocolate. The nuts will be filling and provide protein to give you energy and fat to keep you satisfied. Berries are sweeter than apples, so will fill your sweet tooth. By small piece of dark chocolate I mean a 10g square and dark chocolate means 60% or more cacao. Milk chocolate is full of sugar and fat.
  • Day three – Eat berries or an apple or even chopped melon with nuts. By now your stomach will begin enjoying the richness that fruits and nuts have to offer. It’s important to eat fruits and not dried fruits because they are more filling.

By skipping candy bar everyday and eating fresh fruits and nuts, you can save 1000 calories a week!

Just by making a few small changes like this, you’re taking your weight under your control and are beginning to make progress towards having the body you want.

When you’re finally craving something super sweet, eat just half a candy bar or even less. By training yourself to avoid the problems from eating too much sugar, you’ll realize that a little can go a long way. I realized how sweet Snickers bars really are after eating just half a bar a week later. And it was a wonderful little treat. Now, I don’t even want it anymore; perhaps a tiny piece of dark chocolate, but nothing else.

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