Rehabilitation for Your Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is something that is just a part of many people’s lives. Whether they tweaked their back while working out, putting away groceries, or just bending over, those pains in your lower back can be quite hard to deal with.

The good news: rehab for your lower back pain can be pretty simple. You’ll find that just a few minutes of exercise a day can help to restore your back to good health, and you’ll be able to resume your normal activities. Taking steps to strengthen your back will ensure you rarely have to worry about lower back pain ever again!

The Important Muscles

There are three types of muscles that are involved in keeping your lower back erect:

Obliques — These are the muscles of your side, and they are the ones that allow you to rotate – turn from side to side or bend to either side. They are important for maintaining the proper curvature of your spine.

Flexors –– These are the muscles that allow you to bend forward, and they provide spinal support from in front of the spine. These include your abs muscles and the iliopsoas muscles in your pelvis.

Extensors — These muscles keep your back straight, and allow you to bend backwards. They are used when you lift, and they are necessary for maintaining an upright posture. They include both your spinal erectors and the muscles of your gluteus maximus.

Strengthening all three types of muscles is the key to having a strong back, and eliminating lower back pain completely.

Stretching for Lower Back Pain

Before you can get started with your exercises to get rid of lower back pain, you need to spend time stretching out those muscles. They are going to be very tender, and you’ll probably hurt a bit as you get into the stretches. Try to avoid any movements that will cause pain, as that is a bad sign. Always stop if you feel pain in your muscles as you stretch.

Once you have recovered from your lower back pain, spend a few minutes doing simple forward, side, and backwards bends. They’ll help to loosen up those muscles of your core, and you’ll be ready to get cracking with your training program.

Strengthening Your Muscles

There are so many exercises that you can do for your core, and you can find a list of them here and here

The thing to remember is that you need to tone all of the muscles evenly. Many people spend a lot of their time focusing on their abs in an effort to develop that six pack that looks so great. However, neglecting your back is never a good idea, as that can lead to serious problems with the spinal erector muscles. Also, make sure to give your obliques attention, as they need to be strengthened as well. They ensure that you don’t tweak your back while lifting and twisting, such as when putting away the groceries. It’s just smart to focus on your entire core!

Aerobics for Lower Back Pain

Aerobic conditioning is actually a very important part of your rehab for lower back pain. Those that are fit aerobically are less likely to experience episodes of acute pain, and there will be less pain if you do injure a muscle or slip a disc in your back.

The best type of aerobics for you right now is low impact aerobics, such as water therapy, walking, and cycling on a stationary bike. These forms of aerobics won’t strain your lower back, and they’re much easier on all of your joints. If you’re trying to recover from lower back pain, use these low impact forms of exercise as your best option!

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