Losing weight still fat, getting fatter but same weight is possible



Not losing weight but getting fatter!

Is it possible to stay the same weight but get fatter?

Yes, this happens to many of us as we age. Some people who have managed to maintain the same weight for 20 years or more, and believe they aren’t overweight. But how could they possibly be overweight when they weigh the same?

In fact they’re not overweight but they may be fatter. It does sound a little contradictory I know but it’s true!

For many of us, as we age our muscles slowly shrink and become replaced with fat. This makes the weight stay around the same however, body size is slightly bigger because fat is lighter and takes up more space than muscle. Many of us know this process as “middle-aged spread”, and part of aging. But we do actually become fatter.

The fat can be stored inside the muscle tissue, making it invisible to the human eye. Obviously, this is a very gradual process but, it will be speeded up depending on activity levels, the less active the faster this can happen.


There’s nothing wrong with the middle-aged spread, after all, we all go through it. The point is; what was the correct weight for us in our early twenties, will not be the correct weight when age 50 or above. If our lean weight must lower then our total body weight should also be lower, otherwise we are getting fatter!








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