Simple Advice for Major Weight Loss Results

Struggling with weight loss? If you’re like so many others in the world, you’ve probably been working hard to lose weight—dieting, exercising, cleaning up your lifestyle, etc.—but not seeing the results you want. Losing weight is NOT easy; it goes against your body’s natural design. But if you follow these simple tips, you’ll find you can achieve major weight loss results:

Make Snacks Work for You

Instead of using snacks as a way of cheating on your diet or satisfying cravings, use them to keep your body supplied with nutrients and energy between meals. For example, have a peanut butter sandwich snack before going to the gym, thus giving you all the protein and energy you need to get through your workout. Or have a small snack of eggs on toast to stop you from being hungry between meals. Snacks can be an amazing source of nourishment—it’s all about what you eat!

Add Mint to Your Diet

Try having a mug of mint tea after your meal to shut down your appetite. Or, if you’re not a tea person, try brushing your teeth. Mint-flavored gum works too. The flavor of mint sends signals to your brain that you’re finished eating and it’s time to shut down your appetite. It will also stop you from craving sweets and desserts, making it easier for you to say no to sugary snacks.

Try a Monthly Fast

Instead of trying crash diets, try a monthly fast. For one day, consume only liquids—water, unsweetened tea, natural fruit and veggie juices—and nothing else. You’ll find it will help to flush out your body and re-balance both your appetite and metabolism. It will also help to reboot your taste buds so you stop cravings sweets and can enjoy the natural flavors of healthy food more.

Exercise Throughout the Day

Every few hours, make it a point to stop and do a simple circuit: 10-30 pushups, 5-15 pullups, and 20-30 squats. Do it first thing in the morning right out of bed, again midday, and at night before going to sleep. It’s light enough exercise that it won’t rev up your energy and keep you awake for hours, but it will help to strengthen your body and burn some calories. And exercise works to shut down your appetite because it sends signals to your body that you’re going to be burning energy rather than consuming it.

Drink More Water

Aim for at least twelve glasses a day, or 3 to 5 liters. It may feel difficult to increase your water intake, but it’s not as tough as you’d think! Have one large mug of unsweetened herbal tea with breakfast, one more sometime during your work day, and carry around a water bottle that you empty at least once per day. Add in what you consume during your meals and exercise, and you’ve got a significant water intake increase. You’ll find it can make a world of difference for your weight loss efforts!

Crank Up the Spice

Spicy food gives you a metabolism boost and helps to turn inert white fat into active brown fat, which will increase your daily calorie expenditure. The heat will also stop you from wanting to eat more, and can help to curb your appetite. Adding in more hot sauces and spicy chili peppers is an amazing way to ensure you’ve got a chance at actually seeing major weight loss results with your healthy meals. Plus, it can make even mild-flavored meals a whole lot more enjoyable.

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