Simple Gym Rules to Keep Your Fellow Gymgoers Happy

There’s nothing worse than working out in a gym filled with messy, dirty people who don’t take care of themselves and their workout space! The rules of gym etiquette are in place to help you get along with your fellow gymgoers. We all know things like “don’t grunt too loudly” and “don’t spit on the floor”, but here are a few more simple gym rules to follow:

Ignore the Phone

If you’re at the gym, you’re there to work out, not spend hours talking to buddies or coworkers. When you arrive, turn your phone onto vibrate/silent mode, or turn it off altogether. DO NOT spend your gym time talking! The gym isn’t a phone booth; it’s a place to work hard, get in, and get out!

Keep the Volume Down

If you’re going to listen to music aloud (which, while somewhat rude, isn’t prohibited), keep the volume down. If you’re going to talk while you work out, keep the volume down. If you’re going to grunt and groan (which is to be expected when you work hard), keep the volume down. Make it a point to be seen and not heard!

Use the Right Equipment

If you’re going to do bicep curls, what the heck are you doing in the squat rack? Using the wrong equipment is a sign of a gym amateur, so make sure you’re using the right equipment for the right exercise. You could end up with some seriously pissed off fellow gymgoers because you’re hogging a machine or rack you don’t even need to use.

Don’t Sit

When you go to the gym, you’re there to work hard. You should never, at any point, just sit between sets. Rest on your feet by walking around, but NEVER sit and occupy a machine or bench with your texting or checking email. Once again, consider turning your phone off completely, and avoid sitting down unless absolutely necessary.

Watch Your Locker Room Habits

Do you sing loudly in the shower, walk around naked in the locker room, or talk on the phone while getting dressed? All of these things are guaranteed to piss off your fellow gymgoers, so be careful of your locker room habits. Get dressed quickly and in private, avoid singing unless you’re certain the locker rooms are empty, and save the phone conversations for outside in the parking lot!

Don’t Occupy Equipment Unless You’re Using It

If you’re resting between sets of curls, do you really need to lean on the squat rack and stop someone else from doing their workout? Do you need to sit on that bench and tie up the machine so no one else can use it? You should occupy the SINGLE piece of equipment that you are using at that moment. If you’re about to move on, it’s okay to place your gym bag or phone on the piece of equipment you will be using for your next set. But NEVER use more equipment than is absolutely necessary. You could end up interfering with someone else’s workout.

Clean Up After Yourself

This is about more than just re-racking the weights you use, though that is a VERY important part of gym etiquette. You need to make sure not to leave any drops of sweat or moisture behind, as that’s quite unpleasant for the next person. It will take literally two or three minutes to clean up after yourself, and you can save yourself a lot of gym enemies! Turn around, look behind you, and make sure there is no sign that you were at the gym.

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