Learn to Develop a Six Pack

Developing a six pack adomen boils down to a combination of:

  • diet
  • cardiovascular exercise
  • anaerobic exercise

It is not sufficient to just do stomach crunches to build up the definition in your abdomen, as this will tone the muscles but will do little about getting rid of the fat on top of the muscles.

  1. First you need to watch your diet – cut out fizzy drinks, sugary and starchy food and fatty foods – this can make your stomach bloat and prevent you from losing fat that will reveal your abdomen muscles.
  2. Then, use low-intensity, high-duration aerobic exercise to strengthen the muscles to make then thicker and more visible. Always remember to keep a good posture when doing these exercises – do not slouch – this will help to engage the muscles in your midsection.
  3. Finally, begin adding in anaerobic exercises, such as stomach crunches, in order to define the six pack stomach muscles after body fat is reduced. If you need motivation, a good way of toning your muscles is to join an ashtanga yoga or pilates class. There are some gym classes that only focus on “core” muscle groups.
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