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How It Works

The South Beach Diet is a collection of subscriber-only online weight loss tools. For just $4 per week, users receive access to the following:

  • daily meal planner
  • weight loss tracker
  • recipe database
  • support from community message boards
  • daily newsletter with inspiration and tips
  • beach buddy partner for accountability
  • shopping list generator
  • information from doctors and dieticians

Subscribers to the South Beach Diet are instructed to avoid carbs including fruit for the first two weeks. Participants are permitted to gradually include more foods back into their daily meal plans as they reach closer to their target weight.

Pricing and Options

Unlocking access to the weight loss tools at costs subscribers $4 per week. Subscribers are billed $52 quarterly. There is an upfront, non-refundable commitment of four weeks ($16) upon subscribing.

What People Are Saying

The most frequent complaint aired about South Beach Diet is that it’s hard to keep the weight off after reaching your target goal. The program works by essentially prohibiting foods that promote weight gain but gradually adding them back to the diet as goals are reached. Thus, participants end the program by being right back to eating the foods that caused them to gain weight in the first place.

South Beach Diet’s online tools are generally well-received at the cost of $4 per week. Succeeding with this program requires a lot of self-direction. They provide good information but ultimately it’s up to each individual to oversee their own dieting objectives.

The Fine Print

Subscribers are automatically billed each quarter for access to South Beach Diet’s services. There is a four week non-refundable commitment period upon subscribing.


For those serious about weight loss, South Beach Diet’s online tools can be well worth the $4 per week investment. There are no magic pills or unrealistic promises with this program, only helpful tools at a reasonable price.

Visit South Beach Diet today to find the tools you need to turbo-charge your weight loss program!

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