Stop All That Excessive Sweating!

It’s amazing how much you can sweat even as you’re doing nothing more than sitting and working. Exercise can cause you to sweat buckets, and you’ll find that you sweat far more than the average man or woman should.

Worried about your excessive sweating? Here are a few things you can do to stop the perspiration:

Trim the Underarm Hair

This one is mainly for men, as (hopefully) the women reading this have shaved their armpits. It’s interesting to note that you tend to sweat more when you have longer underarm hair. If you’ve ever completely shaven, you’ll find you don’t sweat as much, and the sweat doesn’t turn into B.O. quite as easily. If you want to cut back on the amount of sweating you do, take a buzzer to that underarm hair and crop it close.

Use Antiperspirant in the PM

You tend to sweat far less at night, so the afternoon is the best time to apply a bit of antiperspirant. This may sound odd, especially considering you shower in the evening. Well, if you apply the antiperspirant in the PM, the ingredients will absorb into your skin. By the time you hit the shower, they will already be blocking off your sweat ducts, so you won’t have to worry washing off the antiperspirant. Come morning, your pits will be fresh as daisies!

Cut Back on Caffeine and Spices

Did you know that both caffeine and spicy food can stimulate your sweat glands to perspire more? These two nutrients activate the acetylcholine neurotransmitters in your brain, which can increase the amount of sweat produced by your sweat glands. Plus, spicy foods and caffeine both cause a thermogenic reaction, meaning your body’s internal thermostat is turned up. Your taste buds may demand spicy food and your sleepiness may need a shot of caffeine, but you should cut back if you’re worried about your excessive sweating.

Don’t JUST Spray the Pits

Many people use antiperspirant only on their armpits, but there are many other body parts that could use the attention as well. You don’t want to apply too much to places like your back and chest, as that could lead to an outbreak of body acne. However, for your hands, feet, groin, and face, you may want to find a way to cut back on the sweating.

Dress Down

You’d be amazed by how much better you’ll feel if you take off that necktie, vest, or jacket. You can even wear short-sleeved shirts to the office with the right outfit. The fewer layers you have on, the less you risk overheating. Try to dress with light fabrics during the summer, and stick with one or two thick layers in the winter. Make sure that you’re dressing with the weather of the entire day in mind. It may be cold in the morning and evening, but the heat of the day can have you sweating heavily if you wear a thick jacket or sweater. Wear layers to keep out the cold, as that will ensure you can easily remove thicker clothes when the heat sets in.

Use Clinical Antiperspirants

If you’ve got a serious problem with excessive sweating, it may be a good idea to consider extra strength or clinical antiperspirants. They contain a higher concentration of the active ingredients that slow down the production of sweat in your sweat glands, and they will be more effective with fewer applications. You can easily find extra-strength antiperspirants in your regular deodorant aisle, or hit up the pharmacy for recommendation on a clinical antiperspirant to help keep the sweats away!

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